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More energy for our future

VENSYS offers a range of gearless wind turbines for all wind classes and locations.


Globally, some 32,879 wind turbines with a combined output of ~65 GW are currently using VENSYS technology.
- Three platforms with various rotor and tower variants
- Bespoke project development and yield-optimised site adaptation
- Manufacturing and logistics capacities for projects around the world

VENSYS ENERGY develops and manufactures highly efficient gearless wind turbines for maximum yield, whose characteristic features include permanent magnet excited multi-pole generators, maintenance-free rotor blade adjustment toothed belt drives, a simple generator cooling system, and a full power converter system with power plant properties.

Our 1.5 to 5.8 MW platforms are made of just a few high-quality and durable components. Just by themselves, the simple, compact design, low maintenance requirements, and benefits of wear-free system components ensure increased output yields, but we also use our bespoke project development process to create optimised customer-specific wind turbines even for small wind farms whereby we are careful to integrate local interests and can also provide customised corporate power supply solutions.
VENSYS provides municipalities and investors with low-maintenance solutions starting from the bespoke case-oriented planning process to installation and grid connection up to and including an attractive service package with guaranteed availability over the entire contract period.

Our small-scale manufacturing operation also gives us the flexibility to provide bespoke features. The ongoing transfer of new developments into VENSYS products is based on our own production operations at our central plant in Germany, so technological innovations go hand in hand with solid workmanship, a complex quality management system, and short just-in-time lead times. We and our subsidiaries offer a comprehensive range of services that can be scaled to meet specific requirements. Our ongoing and coordinated development of central plant components guarantees seamless functionality and more added value throughout the entire supply chain and wind turbine life cycle.

The VENSYS Group’s product and service offering includes full inverter and pitch systems, electronic components, grid connection, grid planning and integration, system certification, and in-house production as well as rotor blade development.

Operationally reliable and high yield regardless of the location. Proven in durability tests in four continents.

Our wind turbines, which are made in Germany are currently connected to power grids in Germany, Poland, France, Great Britain, Spain, Cyprus, the USA, and Canada. Our subsidiary in Poland and VENSYS Inc. in the USA are currently helping us to develop additional markets.

VENSYS is exporting its proprietary products around the world and driving the development of advanced wind power generation technology. Our successful licensing model combines innovative German technology and expertise with serial production, market development, and logistics operations in an international corporate network, which enables us to implement our own large-scale projects anywhere in the world.

As rapidly growing multipliers, our most important licensees - Goldwind and ReGen Powertech - manufacture VENSYS systems for India, China, Asia, the USA, South America, Australia, and Africa. VENSYS wind energy technology has been proven on four continents under a huge diversity of climatic conditions, all imaginable power grid conditions, and even in regions with underdeveloped infrastructures. Some 32,800 VENSYS wind turbine systems have been installed around the world with an approximate combined output of 65 GW and are being supported by regionally adapted and customer-oriented service packages.

Our new 5S platform, which builds upon the expertise gained over three decades of innovative engineering and has a capacity of between 5.8 and 5.8 MW, will be on sale as of 2022.

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  • Founded: 2000
  • Sales: 100 Mio. €
  • Employees: 172 in Neunkirchen, 81 in Diepholz, in Spanien, Polen und USA ~ 40