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Technical Articles

Repowering involves replacing first-generation wind turbines with modern, more efficient turbines. By utilising the sites more efficiently, the yield can be tripled. In ...
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10-year CAGR projected at 10.1%, short-term growth challenges persist
Rotor blades are made of fibre composites that can only be recycled with a great deal of expertise. But smart processes are making it possible.
About 300 attendees from all over Europe participated in the International WebSeminar “Recycling of Rotor Blades” on 25 October 2021. With this seminar the German Wind Energy ...
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Karl Keusgen, CEO of Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung GmbH & Co. KG, tells us more about the role of the german market, regulatory requirements and the necessary harmonisation ...
Green hydrogen production is slowly picking up speed. The first projects are already producing the coveted gas from wind power. In contrast, the use of wind energy for heating is still weakening.
At the end of February 2021, the transponder-based ADLS system from Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH went live for the first time worldwide in ...
Three blades, one tower and ever more efficiency through size growth - that is the successful model of wind technology. But the principle has limits: Larger turbines are harder ...

Press releases

Evoblade develops aerodynamic retrofits for rotor blade optimisation as well as innovative small wind turbines.
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The Bundesnetzagentur has launched further auctions for offshore wind farms comprising a total of 5,500 MW at three centrally pre-investigated sites in the North Sea. Auctions ...
The Federal Republic is leading on the implementation of the EU emergency measures, ...