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German companies are looking for skilled workforce more than ever – and the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) supports them with its new initiative.
Electric vehicles are only sustainable when charged with green electricity. But beyond that, they can even make the power grids fit for the worldwide energy transition.
Unmanned Surface Vessels can deliver vital data for offshore wind farm development and maintenance at a fraction of today’s cost.
A new method of rotor blade production marks a milestone on the way to introduce a circular economy in the wind industry.
New power-to-heat technologies could push the energy transition further by solving some challenges of the actual electric power supply.
A German start up is developing a flying wind turbine. It combines drone technology and aerodynamics with only one-tenth the material and half the cost of regular turbines.
Russia's invasion and climate change are forcing the EU to rethink energy supply. Are the new efforts in line with science-based goals to tackle the climate crisis?
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A test 40 km off the Belgian coast shows how Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) support predictive maintenance of offshore assets.
The world’s leading wind industry expo starts with a new forum for Green Hydrogen and free access to conferences.
The renewable sector makes a jump of 700,000 new jobs in one year despite COVID-19 and the growing energy crisis, according to a new report.
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At the Climate Week NYC, the IRENA-Director underscored the need for massive investments in renewable energy to mitigate the current ...
The German "Cyberagentur" develops future cybersecurity capabilities for critical infrastructure and Germany’s internal and external safety.

News from the companies

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Around 37,000 solar modules shall supply green power for over 5,370 households. Construction is expected to start in mid-2023.
Fließmontage von Generatoren auf dem RundSchienen®-System
Jointly developed test bench significantly reduces the measurement efforts required for grid integration.
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In the Dutch district of Eemshaven, three wind turbines are now running on a sea dyke. Innovative climbing crane and CSM panels were used for installation.
Selinus wind farm will supply 22,000 Italian households with green electricity. The blade lift technology used for transportation reduces environmental impact.

Partner companies - Wind industry in Germany

Technical consultants
Recurring inspections | Rotor blade inspections with lightning protection measurement | Lifetime extension (BPW) | Commissioning and ...
Banks, financial institutions & financial service providers
We finance your wind power projects. Our energy experts and engineers accompany you every step of the way and also incorporate public ...
Planers & project developers
VSB Group provides complete wind energy and photovoltaics solutions: from project development and implementing, right up to operational ...
Grids & grid connection
From engineering and approval planning to the construction of a turnkey transformer station, Netze BW division of services ensures wind ...

Business Opportunities

Experts & specialistsAppraisers wanted for valuation (sales value). Needed for tax issues. Number of attachments: 1 Wind turbine type: Sea wind 52 - 750 - 74VS Location: Bavaria Year of construction: ...
Service providerOperator of a 110 KW wind turbine is looking for direct marketers. Annual average approx. 150000 - 200000 KW
A liability or basic insurance for new wind turbines is required. Preliminary construction request has been made Number of attachments: 1 Wind turbine type: Leitwind LTW42 250Kw ...
Experts & specialistsNumber of attachments: 1 Wind turbine type: E 82 E4 Location: North Rhine-Westphalia - near Kleve Date approx. planned: 2025 What tasks need to be done? A bird and habitat report ...
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