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Wind, Sun, New Horizons: Green Electricity from Alterric

A future with the power of wind and sun - that is Alterric's drive for a green power supply for Germany and Europe. Our goal: 100 percent renewable energies.


Advancing renewable energies - Alterric projects and operates onshore energy parks in Germany and Europe. Our green power asset: 2,400 megawatts of wind power. Our potential: a wind project pipeline of over 9,300 megawatts and the power combination of the elements wind and sun.

Strong teams for a green energy future

Alterric has the best prerequisites for a successful energy transformation: three decades of experience in the planning, construction and operation of wind energy plants, plus a solid credit rating, high technical standards and energy industry expertise. Alterric's added value lies in its distinctive interdisciplinary experience, whether it is wind or solar, technical innovation, grid connection, energy trading, electricity storage or a broad range of expanded green power applications.

Things run smoothly with Alterric

The possibilities for productive cooperation are manifold; they range from land acquisition, tendering procedures or repowering to individual participation models. Alterric can also shoulder project development risks in cooperations. Since renewable energies need public acceptance, Alterric relies on dialogue: Our wind farms and photovoltaic parks are convincing to project participants, regional committees as well as citizens as wind farm neighbours. As the operator, we can always be approached on site. For an optimal energy harvest at every location, Alterric plans and builds its energy projects independently of manufacturers.

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  • Founded: 2021
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