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Double benefits for the wind energy sector

BIL, the national information system for underground infrastructure, is a central planning enquiry portal for building contractors and operators of wind turbines.


Since February 2016, well over 700,000 planning enquiries from 45,000 users have been processed successfully using the BIL portal. The cooperatively organised operator community of BIL eG unites all sectors of the supply line infrastructure across all industries.

By participating in the BIL process, wind turbine operators can significantly increase their operational reliability. As the distances between the generation point and the grid feed-in point are often quite long, it is particularly important for building contractors to identify the operators of underground energy and telecommunication infrastructure to avoid damaging existing supply cables. Unknown operators in particular benefit from the enquiry volume of the well-known portal and receive a more complete overview of the construction measures planned within the area in which their own pipelines and cables are installed.

The BIL process provides users with a list of affected and non-affected operators in real time for their online request. The automated check based on the operators' own data identifies those operators in a certain area, whose underground infrastructure is actually affected. Non-relevant enquiries are not forwarded to the pipeline or network operator, which saves considerable processing time. A significant reduction of so-called zero notices is sufficient even for small network operators to compensate the BIL contribution. BIL offers a tailor-made contribution model especially for the wind power sector.

As a cooperative initiative of network and line operators from all sectors, BIL provides planners and builders with an online construction enquiry portal free-of-charge for the first time in Germany. Their objective is to increase the security of pipeline and cable networks by establishing a "single point of entry" for planning enquiries. Currently, more than 120 companies are organised in the BIL portal, which is supported by eight industry associations.

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