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4Cast GmbH & Co. KG

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 8DE14467Potsdam
Phone:+49 (0) 331 982 238 30
The heartbeat of renewables - making renewable energy predictable

Precise energy yield forecasts

Intraday, Day-ahead and Long-Term forecasts for wind and solar power.


Sustainable and market-optimised trading in wind and solar energy relies on energy yield forecasts. 4cast uses production and weather data to train its proprietary models to make forecasts of unprecedented accuracy.

4cast uses a learning algorithm to produce power and yield forecasts for wind power and solar facilities, which can provide you with a realistic estimate of how much energy your wind or solar park will produce within the day, the following day, or over a longer time period. These bespoke forecasts are tailored to the needs of the individual client. To generate their yield forecasts, our machine learning models also take account of the following factors, in addition to weather data and historical and current production data:

Meteorological parameters:

• Air pressure
• Temperature
• Solar radiation
• Cloudiness
• Wind speed and direction
• Altitude differences

Micro factors / events:

• Topography
• Effects specific to the energy park in question
• Icing
• Shutdown events
• Maintenance
• Self-consumption

The prediction accuracy is continuously optimised by regularly re-training the machine learning models. Depending on the client's needs, forecasts can be produced for the entire power generation park or for individual turbines or solar modules. They can be for the intraday, day-ahead, or long-term, and can be optimised to support the maintenance regime or performance on the power markets.

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