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ENERCON wind energy converters have been known for their innovative technology, outstanding reliability and excellent returns on investment for nearly 40 years.


ENERCON’s product portfolio includes wind energy converters with nominal power outputs ranging from 2,000 to 5,560 kilowatts and readily provide models for a wide variety of wind sites. The newest ENERCON wind energy converter model is the E-175 EP5  with 6 MW.  

As a pioneer of wind energy technology and a partner of the energy transition, ENERCON specialises in the turbine and technology development, production, sales and servicing of onshore wind energy converters. Pursuing its mission of ‘Energy for the world’, ENERCON has driven sustainable energy generation from onshore wind since 1984. Thanks to its innovative wind energy converter technology, high quality standards and a total installed power of more than 59 GW, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. 

Products and services

ENERCON’s product portfolio includes wind energy converters with nominal power outputs​​​​​​​ ranging from 2,000 to 5,560 kilowatts. This allows ENERCON to readily provide models for a wide variety of wind sites. For 2024, ENERCON has announced its latest wind turbine model: The E-175 EP5 turbine has a nominal power of around 6 MW and 175 metres of rotor diameters. The E-nacelle is also used for this type of turbine with electrical systems built into the machine house.

In addition, project planners and operators can draw on a wealth of consultation and planning knowledge at ENERCON. From wind energy converter selection, site layout and approval to project financing and energy marketing, the company works together with external partners to support its customers at all steps on their path to more renewable energy. ENERCON also implements turnkey projects at the customer’s request. The company also offers tailor-made solutions for the maintenance and repair of wind energy converters during ongoing operation, as well as innovative repowering and end-of-life concepts. More than 360 Service stations worldwide ensure quick and trouble-free technical support of ENERCON wind energy converters. 

Research, development and production

Characterised by the inventive talent of founder Dr Aloys Wobben (†2021), ENERCON is still setting new standards in technology, quality and cost-efficiency of wind energy converters today. ENERCON was the first of all the manufacturers to make use of a gearless drive concept, and with its effectivity and compact design this is still a distinguishing feature of ENERCON wind energy converters all these years later. Due to a grid feed system certified in accordance with the latest grid codes, ENERCON wind energy converters can be integrated into all supply and distribution network structures without any issues. Intelligent control means they make a significant contribution to maintaining and improving grid stability. With its own research and development unit, ENERCON guarantees the high demands made by its stakeholders are included in new, ever more powerful and efficient wind energy converter models.

By having its own production network, wind energy technology trailblazer ENERCON is in possession of sound knowledge along the entire value creation chain. Today, ENERCON also brings this valuable production knowledge to its suppliers and partners the whole world over. This helps to ensure that all components meet the strict ENERCON quality standards and are optimally adapted to the end product. As a result, ENERCON wind energy converters are particularly reliable, low-maintenance, long-lasting and cost-effective. In conjunction with the ENERCON maintenance service, the company guarantees operators and owners a technical availability of 97 per cent.

Mission / Vision

The concept of sustainability is deeply rooted in ENERCON’s corporate identity. All of ENERCON’s economic activity and its ambitions are aimed at helping to preserve the planet in line with the wishes of company founder Dr Aloys Wobben. ENERCON therefore considers itself to be a partner of the energy transition, who fights against climate change and offers solutions for sustainable generation of energy from onshore wind.

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