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Innovative products and a forward-looking company.

ENERCON wind energy converters have been known for their innovative technology, outstanding reliability and excellent returns on investment for over 30 years.


ENERCON’s product catalogue currently includes wind energy converters ranging from 2,000 to 5,560 kilowatt s. The German wind energy converter manufacturer has installed over 31,160 wind energy converters worldwide with a total power of more than 56.1 gigawatt s (status 10/2021).

ENERCON wind energy converters have been known for their innovative technology, outstanding reliability and excellent returns on investment for over 30 years. With a tried-and tested drive system, groundbreaking technological developments and high quality standards, the company is constantly raising the bar in the wind energy industry.  As one of the leading producers of wind energy converters, ENERCON is always working to drive the global supply of renewable energy forward using its practice-oriented products and services.

For more than 30 years, ENERCON has been among the technology leaders in the wind energy sector. It was the first manufacturer to focus on a gearless drive design, and this is now a hallmark of all ENERCON wind energy converters. The company is also at the forefront in other areas such as rotor blade engineering, control systems and grid connection technology, and keeps proving its great innovation capacity with a variety of new technological developments. 

Sophisticated drive technology

Constant research and development are the key to the company’s continuing success, along with production and service. All the key components such as the rotor, the annular generator and the grid feed system are manufactured by reliable and highly-qualified certified suppliers. This ensures the high standard of quality and the outstanding reliability that are features of ENERCON wind energy converters. Another essential factor is the customer-oriented service, which guarantees operators and owners 97 % technical availability of their WECs. This holistic concept sets high standards in technology, quality and safety, thus consolidating ENERCON‘s position as one of the leading manufacturers of wind energy converters worldwide.

ENERCON sets new benchmarks

The product portfolio currently includes wind energy converters with power outputs ranging from 2,000 to 5,560 kilowatts. The latest addition is the E-160 EP5 E3 wind energy converter with a rotor diameter of 160 metres. All ENERCON wind energy converter models are characterised by reliable technology, low maintenance and a long service life, and thus guarantee customers a high rate of return.

Compliance with latest grid code requirements

Thanks to their directly driven synchronous generator and the innovative and modular full-scale converter concept, ENERCON wind energy converters offer a wide spectrum of technical options for adapting to the grid conditions. This also includes a grid feed system certified to the latest grid codes, meaning ENERCON wind energy converters can be easily integrated into any supply and distribution grid structures.

Energy for the world

In keeping with the mission statement ‘Energy for the world’, ENERCON promotes renewable solutions for supplying power the whole world over. To support this, ENERCON is expanding its worldwide activities to meet demands. The company already has a decentralised service and sales network in over 45 countries internationally.

Financial security

ENERCON’s independence was sealed when the Aloys Wobben Stiftung trust was established in autumn 2012. On 1 October, founder and owner of the company Aloys Wobben transferred his shares to the trust in order to set ENERCON’s sustainable and forward-looking business strategy in stone. As a result, high quality and reliable WEC technology are not the only things ENERCON‘s customers can count on – they can also be sure of a high level of investment security.

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