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FGH – Forschungsgemeinschaft für elektrische Anlagen und Stromwirtschaft e.V.

Voltastr. 19-21DE68199Mannheim
Phone:+49 (0)621 976807-10
Fax:+49 (0)621 976807-70
Safe grid integration – high-voltage networking since 1921

Compliance studies, grid code/gap analyses, techn. consulting e.g. internal compliance processes, modelling, engineering (FRT test facilities), cable dimensioning, control concepts, grid connection.


We are pioneering the integration of decentralised power generation facilities into the grid and are involved in the expansion, further development, and technical integration of renewable energies both nationally and internationally.

Research & development
We have been working in the entire spectrum of electrical energy supplies since our company was founded in 1921. Given the increasingly decentralised nature of electricity generation, the safe and reliable integration of renewable energies into the grid has become one of our focal areas.

Accredited surveying & certification
We use our accredited test laboratory to offer manufacturers and project planners conformity and type tests for wind turbines as well as protection and control technology components in compliance with the relevant regulations and client specific requirements. We can also provide test bench capacity for measurement purposes, including LVRT & HVRT properties testing on system test benches. Our service offering is complemented by our independent certification facility, which makes us the world's first accredited institution for the certification of decentralised generation facilities grid connections. As a market leader in this field, our portfolio includes the certification of generation units and plants as well as products and components in compliance with (inter)national grid codes.

Inspection authority
You can also benefit from our in-house compliance monitoring service (periodic inspections), including commissioning declarations, protection tests, conformity tests and equipment evaluations.

Electrical engineering services
This service range is augmented by comprehensive services for manufacturers, project developers, and grid operators, including network and system analyses, technical and economic cable dimensioning, communication and control concepts, electrical component specifications, grid code and gap analyses as well as the development of simulation models in various software environments and FRT test engineering.

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more data:
  • Founded: 1921
  • Sales: 12 Mio. € (konsolidiert)
  • Employees: 120 (2022)