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VERBUND Energy4Business Germany GmbH

Luise-Ullrich-Str. 20DE80636München
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Making profitable use of green energy with VERBUND as your partner.

VERBUND is one of Europe’s largest hydro-electricity producers. We are your reliable partner for everything from electricity procurement and direct marketing to storage solutions.


Integrating renewable energies from subsidised or unsubsidised facilities is the major challenge today. We can provide you with a flexible power generation marketing service, photovoltaic, battery & pool solutions as well as additional revenues through attractive service concepts.

We can get the best out of your existing and new facilities.

Under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), direct marketing has been mandatory for all new power generation plants with a capacity of 100 kilowatts or more, whether wind, hydro, photovoltaics, or biomass based. Even existing facilities that are still subject to conventional feed-in tariffs under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) can significantly increase their profitability by switching to direct marketing.

Maximum planning certainty and fixed revenues
Pursuant to the EEG, direct marketing is a mandatory requirement for new electrical power generation plants with an output of 100 kilowatts and above. VERBUND Energy4Business Germany, which is a subsidiary of Austria's largest electricity group, offers a green electricity direct marketing service for plant operators throughout Germany.

Our product and service range:

•    Optimised green electricity marketing on intraday and spot markets 24/7
•    Long-term forecasting experience
•    Incorporation in the VERBUND virtual power plant
•    System registration and re-registration
•    Participation in the German Electricity Balancing Market
•    Bespoke contract terms

You will benefit from:

•    Favourable prices thanks to optimised electricity marketing and a flexible power plant facility
•    Greater profits compared to the EEG feed-in tariff
•    Default compensation in the event of a reduction in feed-in power
•    Financial security thanks to excellent creditworthiness
•    Personal contacts in Munich and Düsseldorf
•    Regional certifications as an additional revenue stream

VERBUND - Europe's green battery

With its flexible power station facility, which has a power output 8200 MW, VERBUND is the largest hydroelectric power producer in Austria and Bavaria. This is augmented by VERBUND's own solar and wind power facilities and those marketed on behalf of third parties.

Products for flexibility

Our power generation portfolio, which includes photovoltaic, hydroelectric and wind power facilities form the basis of our flexible product range, which is fully geared to the needs of the market. Companies receive electricity, energy-related products, and services on demand, in addition to innovative solutions for the efficient use of energy.

Will your existing facilities soon to be over 20 years old?  We have the optimal business model for your old installations.

Germany needs your old plant: some 16,000 megawatts of wind generation capacity will no longer be eligible for EEG subsidies by 2025, which poses a major challenge to plant operators. We can support you in continuing to successfully operate your existing facilities, which at the same time will continue to make an important contribution to the energy transition. We can work with you to develop viable business models and individual solutions for the fair remuneration of your sustainably produced energy outside of the EEG framework.

•    A sustainable proposition for maximum planning certainty & fixed income
•    An individually determined fixed price per wind farm upon conclusion of the contract
•    We assume all marketing risks
•    Additional revenues from certificates of origin or regional certificates
•    Maximum cost transparency and cost certainty
•    Optional flexible pricing according to exchange prices
•    Special maintenance plan for legacy systems
•    Additional collaboration opportunities by mutual agreement with your account manager

As an experienced stakeholder in the European electricity market, we have the requisite know-how to master the challenges within this dynamic environment in partnership with plant operators.

Contact: email us at and one of our customer advisors will get back to you as soon as possible.

more data:
  • Founded: 1947
  • Sales: 3,2 Mrd. € (2021, VERBUND AG)
  • Employees: rund 2.900