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The wind is our element

Wind has been our passion for more than 30 years. We develop and implement wind farms, ensure optimised repowering and have fresh energy for partnerships.


Generating, storing and connecting green energy to the grid across sectors: as the pacemaker of northern Germany’s energy future, EWE has been driving the expansion of renewable energies for over 30 years and is a reliable partner for project planning, development, construction and operating concepts.

EWE - Your partner for the future
We have used the power of the elements to generate electricity since 1989. Whilst others only talk about sector coupling, we are implementing it: EWE operates throughout the entire value chain and is investing in a holistic energy future. Our Project Planning, Repowering and Operation, Direct Marketing, Storage, Electromobility, Green Hydrogen and Digital Networks business units are the building blocks for this.

Based in Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN GmbH, is EWE’s competence centre for renewable energy production. Our focus within the wind energy sector is on project development, repowering and operating concepts. Our generation portfolio within the sector currently comprises about 370 megawatts, in addition to a comprehensive project pipeline in Germany and neighbouring countries. Apart from wind energy, EWE is also a strong partner for photovoltaics and biomass projects.

Teams from our subsidiary EWE ERNEUERBARE regional are currently expanding our expertise in the field of renewable energies a regional basis at our Hanover and Husum sites. In June 2020, TurboWind Energie and Gewi Planung und Vertrieb were merged to form EWE ERNEUERBARE regional GmbH.
We employ a total of 100 experts who are committed to a sustainable and economically viable energy future. And as this also requires public acceptance, we at EWE rely on public dialogue in all our projects to win the support of citizens, municipal decision-makers and the approval authorities on the basis of tailor-made wind farm projects.

With EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN at your side you will be fully prepared to face all the challenges of the new world of energy generation. And, last but not least, you can count on us to be a reliable investor or investment partner.

Our services
•    Site planning and management from securing construction sites to grid connection
•    Approvals and tendering
•    Compensatory measures
•    Plant purchase and construction supervision
•    Participation and funding concepts

•    Technical and commercial management
•    The 20+ continuing operations concept

•    Repowering
•    Purchasing wind farms of all age classes
•    Partnering models and collaboration

Shaping the energy transition as a partner
The wind industry is currently experiencing stormy times involving increasing competition, severe cost pressures and increasingly complex approval procedures in addition to complex nature conservation and environmental protection requirements. And, of course, to gain acceptance for wind projects, wind farm neighbours need to be considered. As a partner within this market environment, EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN shoulders investments and risks and can contribute a wealth of experience as well as a strong credit rating as a major energy service provider.
For wind energy companies who wish to devote themselves to other projects, we also offer the option of taking over existing plans, rights or wind farms.

Economic operations – including post EEG
Starting in 2021, many wind turbines will no longer be eligible for the EEG subsidy. EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN is prepared to meet this challenge: our customised operational and technical optimisation concepts ensure high yields, low costs, and the best possible security. EWE TRADING, our sister company, is a competent partner for energy trading on the electricity exchange.

Our wind strengths – your profit
EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN offers many opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations including land acquisition, tendering procedures and project partnerships, economic operating concepts for older wind farms and optimised repowering strategies. If you need a successful trust-based partnership, we are here for you and offer our full commitment.

more data:
  • Founded: 2013
  • Sales: € 75.8 million (2019)
  • Employees: 100