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Committed to Better Energy

TOTAL is one of the world's leading suppliers in the industrial sector covering almost all areas of application for highly specialised lubricants, greases, and special applications.


As a major player in the energy sector, the Total Group has been working for many years to effectively reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by its activities.

The company is equally keen to work proactively with industry players and the international community to find solutions to tomorrow’s challenges and issues.


Our subsidiary Total Eren (in which we hold a 26.9 % stake), gives the Group a diverse network of wind, solar and hydroelectric power stations spread across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This enables us to develop projects in regions where renewable energies are a particularly suitable and sustainable solution to the burgeoning energy demand. Thanks to its unique track record in developing new projects in new geographic locations, Total Eren currently has a renewable energy generation capacity in excess of 3300 MW*, of which the gross installed wind power capacity is 795.5 MW. Projects with a total rated output of 2000 MW* (of which wind energy accounts for 610.7 MW) are currently being developed and implemented in more than five continents.

The group is consistently pursuing the development of a portfolio of low-carbon electricity production businesses with the objective of generating 15 to 20 % of total sales from them by 2040. Within the wind energy sector, the Total Group already has a total installed capacity of 1.4 GW* through its subsidiary Total Quadran and our stake in Total Eren. We are continuing to expand our wind power generation capacities and are currently implementing wind power projects with a total rated output of 2.5 GW* (*as of late 2019).


Both wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm owners are currently trying to lower equipment and operating costs, a development which is also affecting the lubricants they use. Increasingly more powerful wind turbines require the latest, high-performance lubricants that can withstand high loads and enable lengthy replacement intervals, which reduces service costs.

Total is a reliable wind industry partner and provides a complete range of wind turbine lubricants, from gear oils to greases and hydraulic oils approved by the major manufacturers. Our customer-oriented service also helps to maximise the energy efficiency of wind turbines, avoid unscheduled downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.

Wind concept Plus from Total

Total is committed to taking a holistic view of developments in the renewable energies field and to their continuous improvement. The Wind Concept Plus plan is based on three important, correlated pillars:

  • Innovation and specialisation. Total not only wants to push forward innovation in the form of new lubricants for industrial customers, but also to take full advantage of the potential of new developments.
  • Customer satisfaction. Total provides high-quality lubricants and places equal importance on excellent service. Total customers benefit from professional advice from competent application engineers as well as value-added services, which include the rationalisation and organisation of lubrication tasks, maintenance, laboratory analyses of operating fluids as well as lubricant training for employees.
  • High performance products with a long service life. Our high-performance CARTER WT 320 gear oil, a PAO-based product that provides excellent protection against micro-pitting in gear trains and guarantees an extension of the replacement intervals of up to 10 years is an excellent example. Its high viscosity index results in improved characteristics at extremely low temperatures and specifically reduces wind turbine downtime.

Oil monitoring by ANAC Wind

Total has more than 40 years of oil analysis experience in all areas and also ensures the monitoring of around 500,000 components.

The proper operation of a wind turbine depends strongly on the performance of the reduction gear unit, which requires special monitoring due to the harsh operating conditions.

Total’s ANAC Wind provides wind turbines operators with the means to monitor the oil properties and determine the origin of potential pollutants. ANAC Wind provides support for the maintenance strategy by optimising oil change intervals and reducing downtime and the associated maintenance costs as well as optimising wind turbine maintenance planning.

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