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A Cargill CompanyDr.-Hans-Wilhelmi-Weg 1DE35633Lahnau
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Longer lifetime and higher efficiency for your wind turbine(s)

REWITEC develops an innovative surface-treatment technology which is used to protect against wear and tear and to repair damaged surfaces in wind turbine gearboxes and bearings.


Our innovative REWITEC technology repairs and protects the surfaces of gears and bearings in wind turbines.

REWITEC GmbH is a medium-sized company based in Lahnau, which was founded in 2003 and has been part of the US company Cargill since July 2022. REWITEC develops a patented and innovative surface coating technology for gears and bearings based on nano- and microparticles, whose effectiveness is scientifically proven.  

With our 14 years of experience in the wind industry and several thousand wind turbines treated, we are able to provide worldwide support to our customers on issues like pitting, run through marks, downtime damage and many other risk factors that can cause wind turbine failure. We offer our customers individual solutions, on-site application and analysis of surfaces before and after application. 

Our Technology

Our technology uses lubricants as a carrier to form a self-repairing layer of silicon particles on the metal surfaces of gears and bearings. The significant reduction in surface roughness, friction and temperature results in higher reliability, improved energy efficiency and a longer lifetime of so-called tribosystems. This also leads to a more even load distribution on the tooth flanks and in the bearing components. The technology can be used in both oil- and grease-lubricated systems. 

REWITEC Key Facts 

- Significantly extends the lifetime of drive train components 
- Increases running smoothness and reduces wear 
- Repairs pre-damaged surfaces of gears and bearings
- Scientifically proven reduction in friction and higher efficiency
- For use in old and new wind turbines
- The earlier the application, the greater the effect

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  • Founded: 2003