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perma - The Expert in Lubrication Solutions

The global leader in single-point lubrication systems. Precise lubrication of e.g. azimuth and pitch bearings helps to optimize workplace safety by extended exchange intervals.


Wind turbines are constantly exposed to mechanical loads, vibrations and weather. To ensure reliable operation over long periods, moving components require maintenance and permanent relubrication. perma offers special lubrication systems with the right lubricants for this application.

Tried and tested a million times over: perma lubrication systems in wind turbines

perma Lubrication systems reliably provide wind turbines with lubricant during operation. Components such as blade bearings, blade gear teeth, main- and yaw bearings, yaw gear teeth, and roller bearings on the generator are lubricated.                       

perma FUTURA PLUS – the complete system for instant use

perma FUTURA PLUS has been especially developed for use in wind turbines. It comes ready-to-use with the desired discharge period and the ideal lubricant for the respective application. Activation is started by simply turning the activation lid. perma FUTURA PLUS reliably supplies lubrication points with lubricant for up to 12 months. This saves time, extends maintenance intervals, and relieves service staff. 

perma FUTURA PLUS is environmentally friendly as it can easily be disposed of after it has been emptied (no batteries included / no separate disposal required).

A further contribution to environmental protection and workplace safety is the perma DRAIN CUP. It collects excess lubricant to avoid contamination of the rotor blades and the wind turbine. This reduces the risk of slipping accidents and avoids cleaning effort caused by lubricant contamination. 

Tip: perma STAR lubrication systems are also well suited for lubrication, as they provide feedback signals visually or to higher-level controls.  

Make use of the benefits of perma lubrication systems 

• No manual lubrication with a grease gun
• Continuous lubrication while system is running
• Reduction in accidents due to slipping hazard → perma DRAIN CUP

perma lubrication systems increase the economic efficiency of wind turbines

• Reduction of maintenance costs and maintenance effort
• Fewer bearing failures

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