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Service, maintenance & repair
TOPseven combines autonomous, drone based and visual rotor blade and tower inspections for on- and offshore wind turbines with non-contact ...
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Technical consultants
Recurring inspections | Rotor blade inspections with lightning protection measurement | Lifetime extension (BPW) | Commissioning and ...
Controls, cables & switchgear cabinets
Phoenix Contact is a global leader in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation and a reliable wind industry partner.
Crane companies, crane hire & special transport

Business Opportunities

Logistics and transportLogisticians wanted: 1 Senvion 2 MW from Saxony to Da Nang (Vietnam) early 2021 Manufacturer/Type: S envion 2.0 MW Number of attachments: 1 Date approx. scheduled: beginning of ...
Rückbau WKARebuilder wanted for 1 x GE 1.5 sL in NRW - for October 2020 Number of attachments: 1 Wind turbine type: GE 1.5 sL 100m NH Location: North Rhine-Westphalia Built: 2001 Date ...
Service providerService operation wanted for gearbox replacement at DeWind D4 jacket H 60 m in Gerabronn - Creisheim ca 20.06.2020
Rückbau WKAOperator of a Fuhrländer FL 100 needs a buyback for the decommissioning option. Number of attachments: 1 Wind turbine type: Fuhrländer FL 100 Location: Rhineland-Palatinate Built: ...
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