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What is the "German Wind Power" magazine?

"German Wind Power" is an online PDF magazine that highlights innovative technologies and services of the German wind industry for an international audience. In the magazine, companies and start-ups from Germany provide insights into the latest innovations in the fields of wind power and renewable energies. It is a digital showcase for the German industry - using the example of the German wind sector.

The magazine is aimed at the international wind industry, which is interested in the German wind sector. In it, German companies and experts from the sector highlight innovations from various areas of the German wind industry, the German energy transition project and opportunities for international partners to build on these points.

Who is "German Wind Power" aimed at?

What is the format of the magazine?

„German Wind Power" is published as an online-only PDF magazine and is optimised for desktops and tablets. Unlike conventional magazines, "German Wind Power" is not published in a two-page portrait format but in a desktop-optimised 16:9 format. Thanks to the modern online format, interactive media elements such as videos, audio embeds and animations are seamlessly embedded in the magazine alongside text articles. The magazine is available to readers free of charge.

"German Wind Power" aims to make the German wind industry tangible for a foreign audience. It aims to stimulate communication between German companies and international markets and to create awareness for the German wind industry. As a bridge builder and communicator, the BWE Service GmbH wants to strengthen contact between the national and international wind industry.

What is the aim of the "German Wind Power" magazine?

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