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Dolezych GmbH & Co. KG

Hartmannstraße 8DE44147Dortmund
Phone:+49 (0) 231 8285 0
Fax:+49 (0) 231 827782
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Dolezych is the competent partner worldwide for easy and safe lifting and transporting. The family business is managed in the second and third generation by Udo and Tim Dolezych.


Easy and safe lifting and transporting. This is what Dolezych has stood for with its products and services for over 85 years.

State-of-the-art product solutions are the answer to the further development of wind turbines. Larger, more powerful, heavier: the requirements are growing visibly. Dolezych supports the industry with safe solutions for the assembly, transport and maintenance of wind turbines. The wind energy product range includes, for example, textile slings, lifting gear, grabs and special attachment points for simple, safe transport and lifting of tower segments. For customer-specific, special challenges, Dolezych offers individualized special constructions and load lifting devices.

Innovative materials are also making users' working lives easier. Many heavy-duty products have become significantly lighter thanks to the UHMWPE high-performance fiber Dyneema®. Whether round slings or sling ropes, these high-tech products have other outstanding properties in addition to the huge weight savings, such as being low-wear and very compact despite particularly high load capacities.

DoMega+ heavy-duty round slings
In addition to the weight and ergonomic advantages of high-performance fibers, textile slings are gentle on sensitive surfaces. The round sling is more compact, with its width and bulk significantly reduced. As a result, the high-tech product fits well into shackles, crane hooks and attachment points.

Dyneema® sling ropes
Dolezych sling ropes made of Dyneema® are high-performance products for heavy-duty lifting applications. They are designed for up to 100 ton lifting capacity as standard, and up to 400 ton can be achieved on request. This means that ergonomic working is possible thanks to the low dead weight.

Textile chain DoNova® with WLL 10 ton
The featherweight DoNova® PowerLash with up to 10 ton load capacity also enables ergonomic working at the highest level.

more data:
  • Founded: 1935
  • Employees: 650