SCADA International A/S

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Empowering a renewable future

SCADA International empowers the renewable energy sector through unparalleled SCADA expertise. We support the full SCADA value chain across SCADA hardware and software, installation and commissioning into consulting.


SCADA International supports customers around the world to execute projects at any point in the SCADA value chain. With more than 6000 SCADA solutions installed,  the customer range encompasses manufacturers, utilities, asset owners and independent power producers, among others.

Removing barriers among data and technology

Businesses depend on data to optimize performance and operations, and since SCADA International's foundation, we have been developing solutions to enable data access. We believe that anticipating tomorrow's problems will solve today's difficulties. Therefore, our intelligent software solutions make data reliable from various sources available in real time to customers worldwide. We strive to reduce complexity and provide our customers with solutions that optimize performance and competitiveness, and facilitate information exchange among databases and technologies.

Covering the full SCADA value chain

Data is at the core of any machine – it is a key ally to secure and extend its lifespan. Thus, at SCADA International, we cover the full SCADA value chain – from SCADA hardware and software, installation, and commissioning into consulting. Our highly skilled specialists support the value chain at any point, ensuring efficient and cost-saving solutions for our customers.

Committed with the wind industry

SCADA International stands for building an open-source architecture and technology environment to ensure interoperability for the wind industry systems.  We are committed to facilitating energy transition through data and find tomorrow's problems, identifying new opportunities, and developing innovative solutions to support our customers' business growth.

SCADA International at a glance

Headquartered in Denmark, SCADA International employs close to 100 SCADA specialists at offices in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA. The company is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

SCADA International accounts for more than 6.000 SCADA solutions installed across 29 different countries.  The organization specializes in renewables, and focuses on developing intelligent data solutions to streamline operations and reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE).