The Nordex Group is to supply a total of 22 of the N163/6.X turbines as part of the extension of the existing “Geyve” and “Silivri” wind farms. The two orders also include a Premium Service contract for a period of ten years.

In the province of Sakarya near to the Black Sea the "Geyve” wind farm with a current capacity of 50 MW is being extended by a further 98 MW using 14 N163/6.X turbines. The “Silivri” wind farm in the province of Istanbul in Turkey’s Marmara region currently has a rated capacity of 63 MW. The Nordex Group will be adding eight turbines in the 6.X MW class, bringing the total to 115 MW.

At the end of 2023 the N163/6.X-turbines at the Geyve wind farm and in 2024 those at the Silivri wind farm will feed clean electricity into the Turkish grid. In order to ensure a high level of availability for the turbines in the "Geyve" wind farm at low temperatures as well, for the first time in a project in Türkiye the Nordex Group will be fitting the rotor blades with the Advanced Anti-Icing system.

"The Nordex Group has been working closely together with  Eksim for years and the fact that they have again opted for our technology for their wind farms shows that they continue to have confidence in our long-standing partnership," says Patxi Landa, CSO of the Nordex Group. And he adds: “By enlarging the wind farms we are rapidly further advancing the expansion of wind energy in Türkiye and strengthening our leading position in the market, with 3.5 GW installed capacity in the country”.

Eksim Yatirim Holding A.S. has been active in the wind energy business since early 2000 and operates eight wind farms in Türkiye with a total output of 464 MW. All wind farms are equipped exclusively with Nordex turbines. Eksim can draw on experience in the operation of several generations of turbines. Their wind farms include N90 N100, N117, N131 and N149 machines. In the past Eksim has always used the latest turbine generation when extending their wind farms. In “Geyve” and “Silivri” in future N163/6.X turbines will once again improve the yields at these two sites thanks to their optimised high-performance technology.