End of 2023, the Nordex Group received orders for four wind farms in Sweden totaling 553 MW from the investment company for renewable energy – Renewable Power Capital – which operates across Europe. The orders also include a Premium Plus Service for the turbines covering a period of 35 years.

In spring 2025 the Nordex Group will start delivering and installing 80 turbines, of which 74 are N163/6.X and six N149/5.X turbines, for the “High Coast” wind farm cluster. “High Coast” comprises four wind farms: Knäsjöberget (98 MW), Sörlidberget (140 MW) Vitberget (161 MW) and Storhöjden (154 MW), all to be built in the province of Västerorrlands Län.

The turbines from the Delta4000 series will be installed on tubular steel towers with a hub height of 105, 118, 138 and 148 metres, depending on the height limitations. The Nordex Group will be providing all the turbines in the cold-climate version as well as fitting the 74 N163/6.X turbines with the Nordex Advanced Icing System in order to reduce ice formation on the rotor blades and continue producing energy even under icing conditions.

Kevin Devlin, CEO of Renewable Power Capital, says:

“We’ve been really impressed by the performance and reliability of the Nordex turbines. The Nordex team’s focus, underpinned by strong environmental targets and circularity, is key for us. As an investor driving the European energy transition, we’re pleased to have such a significant turbine contract fulfilling some of the most exciting wind farm projects across Europe.”

“We are proud to be involved in this important wind cluster with our turbines and to once again be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our anti-icing technology in such a demanding climatological setting,”

says Patxi Landa, CSO of the Nordex Group.

“High Coast will broaden our experience with large-scale projects in Sweden and help us to consolidate our position as a leading provider of wind turbines in Scandinavia. We are very pleased to be working with Renewable Power Capital for the first time.”

The turbines in the four wind farms will go into operation in 2025. Nordex will be working closely together with the local authorities and municipalities in order to ensure that each project is implemented in line with local regulations and requirements.

Source: Nordex