ABO Wind Managing Director Dr. Karsten Schlageter:

“ABO Wind is thrilled and eager to commence Toqlukuti’k Wind and Hydrogen Project, a major renewable project in Newfoundland and Labrador. We intend to develop a total of 5 gigawatts in Newfoundland and Labrador, powered by the province’s world-class wind speeds.”

The Crown lands for which ABO Wind has received these exclusive rights to pursue development are in relative proximity to Braya Renewable Fuels’ Come by Chance refinery, including areas around the Avalon Isthmus, that were included as part of the Crown land nomination areas for wind development.

Toqlukuti’k Wind and Hydrogen Ltd. is a multi-phased, integrated Project that will provide green ammonia for export to the global market and green hydrogen to further decarbonize the production of the refinery in Come By Chance. In March 2023, ABO Wind received an exclusive letter of support from Braya Renewable Fuels for the joint development of green hydrogen production at the refinery.

Frank Almaraz, CEO, Braya Renewable Fuels:

“We are pleased with the Crown lands decision and look forward to working with ABO Wind to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia to meet our local demand, with the potential to scale up to serve global markets. ABO Wind is our partner of choice as we look toward the completion of our refinery conversion project and our future as a world class renewable fuels producer.”

The name Toqlukuti’k (pronounced ‘dok-loo-gu-tik’) was determined together with Miawpukek First Nation and originates from the traditional Mi’kmaq language of the Miawpukek First Nation, meaning “working together.” ABO Wind Canada Ltd. has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Miawpukek First Nation and has received numerous letters of support from communities as part of its Crown land bid submission.

Dr. Schlageter:

“ABO Wind Canada has a local economic development policy and believes that communities in proximity to our projects should receive preferential attention and access to business and employment opportunities. It is our intent to maximize economic benefits for communities and their residents and promote long-term commercial growth through access to goods and service contracts, capacity training, and employment.”

Toqlukuti’k Wind and Hydrogen Ltd. is expected to provide sizable local job and procurement opportunities.

ABO Wind has had ongoing discussions with local community stakeholders in the Project’s area of interest.

“We will continue to build upon these relationships and expand our stakeholder reach to ensure authentic collaboration and cooperation from all relevant groups and individuals. ABO Wind is committed to transparent, meaningful, and ongoing Indigenous, community, and stakeholder engagement.”

The ABO Wind team thanks all partners who have been integral in reaching this significant milestone to develop Toqlukuti’k Wind and Hydrogen.

The Project website is now live at www.toqlukutikproject.com.


Source: ABO Wind