When I met with President Biden, Vice President Harris and business leaders I was proud to tell them that more than 800 of our member companies support the Biden Administration’s efforts to invest in the clean energy economy.

I told President Biden about the incredible opportunity we have to invest in good clean energy jobs. I also made clear that doubling down on our clean energy infrastructure can help us meet the critical climate goals and targets we need to reach.

I made these points from a seat at the table, alongside union and business leaders who are committed to the same outcome: the need to transform America’s infrastructure.

As our industry looks to rapidly deploy clean energy projects, bipartisan energy policy –  especially around some of the specific transmission reforms we need – has never been more important. Our industry has invested more than $330 billion in the US economy since 2005, and we are getting ready to do more as the offshore wind industry in America grows.

In the coming days, we will be launching our first multimillion-dollar campaign designed to support the bipartisan infrastructure framework and the related reconciliation package. Our campaign will highlight the job creation potential in these bills, ensuring that policymakers in Congress and people across the country can learn about the extraordinary opportunity that we have to invest in a clean energy future.

I left yesterday’s meeting more optimistic than ever about the future of clean energy investment, about the strength of ACP as an organization, and about the ability we have to make transformative progress.

Over the course of the coming weeks, we hope to expand support for our efforts, and make clear that clean power isn’t just a part of infrastructure reform; it is central to America’s future. I am excited about the chance we have to meet our moment together.