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infrest - Infrastruktur eStrasse GmbH

Torgauer Straße 12-15DE10829Berlin
Phone:+49 (0) 30 22 44 52 58-43
Still searching for a construction site?

Our online buried infrastructure information portal is an easy way for planners and construction companies to make enquiries throughout Germany and to answer any queries they may receive.


Maximum turbine availability is crucial for the economic operation of wind turbines. This is why it is essential to avoid potential cable damage. Infrest is your partner for obtaining and issuing information about buried infrastructure throughout Germany.

With around 16,000 registered infrastructure operators and other public authorities, the infrest buried infrastructure information portal provides broad coverage throughout Germany. In a single step, all affected network and infrastructure operators are identified, and a central infrastructure request is sent to them. The bundled participation of public authorities saves a significant amount of time and cost compared to having to send out individual letters. The audit-compliant storage of all processes and documents within the portal also reduces administrative effort and increases legal clarity.

Free of charge

To receive enquiries, operators can upload data about their wind turbines and buried infrastructure to the portal free of charge. An automated check then ensures that only relevant requests need to be processed.

Infrest also offers an online solution for processing incoming buried infrastructure enquiries in the form of an enquiries database. It enables simple and cost-effective responses to enquiries thus making it the perfect complement to the infrest buried infrastructure information portal.

Thanks to standardised processes and preconfigured response letters, online enquiries received via the infrest buried infrastructure information portal can be processed with no media discontinuity. A direct connection to GIS solutions facilitates the provision of information without the need to install any software. The infrest information database can also be used to manage and process any enquiries received by the operator directly by email or post.

If required, infrest can manage the entire process of providing information about buried infrastructure for wind farms and wind turbine operators as a service.

more data:
  • Founded: 2010
  • Employees: ca. 20