The framework contract concerns a multi-year single source agreement and will take effect immediately. The first project to be called off will be for the German Nordlicht cluster. The contract is initially signed for three years and can be extended by five more years.

During the procurement process a high focus has been put on sustainability measures and TKF has made specific commitments that will help to reduce the CO2 impact and increase circularity of our cables, such as the use of low-carbon aluminium and recycled copper for the cables’ conductor material.

Catrin Jung, Head of Offshore Wind at Vattenfall:

"At Vattenfall, we are working for fossil freedom and offshore wind farms play an important role in realising our ambitions. We are pleased that in TKF we have found a partner that provides innovative technology while committing to the reliability and sustainability of the offshore electricity network. With this framework agreement we are taking a major step in the synergy of project specifications and therewith in the reliability and efficiency of wind farm projects."

Alexander van der Lof, CEO TKH Group:

"We are excited to announce this multiple year agreement with Vattenfall for our subsidiary TKF. After a successful cooperation with Vattenfall in the Hollandse Kust Zuid 1+2 projects, we are looking forward working together in the coming projects. TKF has invested significantly in electrification with expansions in capacity for state of the art offshore wind subsea cable solutions. With this important milestone we confirm our strong position and our key role in empowering a sustainable future with our innovative and sustainable cable solutions."


Source: TKF (B.V. Twentsche Kabelfabriek)