Omexom Renewable Energies Offshore, the Offshore division of the VINCI Energies brand Omexom, is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions in the offshore wind sector. The solution allows faster inspections with an increased accuracy of results and lower incurring cost to customers.

After receiving the DAkkS accreditation of its inspection body in 2021, Omexom Offshore focused on the development of innovative methods that lead to high-quality inspection results. Own tests carried out throughout the development confirmed that the combination of drone technology, an AI supported database and subsequent experts analysis, is a very powerful tool to deliver conformity evaluations to customers in line with the requirements of the authorities.

The OBSERVAERO solution of Omexom grants their customers a full insight in the status of their assets. This is achieved by using up-to-date drone technology with optimized methods of photography for highquality pictures of the rotor blades. These pictures are then pre-assessed by a computer-vision engine in the customized-developed data platform, which enables inspectors and customers to view and manage the inspection results user-friendly and efficiently.

The development of the AI-platform was completely executed by internal resources of the VINCI group, to which Omexom Offshore belongs to since 2020. The development setup allows Omexom to customize its solution to all sorts of customers. The development was supported by several VINCI innovation programs, highlighting the strong commitment of the group to renewable energies and innovative technologies. Since the emerging of drones in the market of visual inspection of energy assets, the comparability of them to the traditionally used rope-access inspection is highly discussed. The development initiative was accompanied by a validation scheme to finally clear the way for drone-based inspection results being compliant with regulative recurrent inspection requirements offshore, such that rope-access inspection could focus on detailed damage assessment and repair.

Omexom is proud to share, that by 20 July 2023 the compliance of their methodology to the BSH (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie / Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Authority) requirements was confirmed by the independent certification body Hanseatic PowerCert (HPC). With that, Omexom can now provide recurrent inspections of rotor blades via drones. The assessment of HPC furtherly emphasizes that the methodology of Omexom delivers at least equivalent insights as rope-access inspections.

Lennart Reepschläger, Project Manager at Omexom Offshore:

“Our new solution for drone-based and AI-supported rotor blade inspection is just the first step of innovative services provided by Omexom Renewable Energies Offshore to ensure and optimize the operation of wind turbines of our customers today and in the future.”


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