On 1 January 2024, JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) and Green Power Investment Corporation (“GPI”) began operations at the Ishikari Bay New Port Offshore Wind Farm—the largest commercial wind farm in Japan and the first in Japan to adopt large 8,000 kW wind turbines—which they own through Green Power Ishikari GK, a special-purpose corporation (SPC).

Located in Hokkaido’s Ishikari Bay New Port, the wind farm has installed 14 wind turbines manufactured by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy that each have an output of 8,000 kW for a total output of 112,000 kW. Onshore construction was carried out by Kajima Corporation and offshore construction by a joint venture between Shimizu Corporation and Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.

All electricity generated will be supplied to Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc. (“HEPN”) after being routed through a project transformer substation with 180,000 kWh of battery storage capacity—a distinguishing feature of the wind farm—and then through HEPN’s Nishi Sapporo Substation. Bringing the project to completion was possible because of the tremendous cooperation and understanding extended by regional communities and government administrations including Hokkaido Prefecture, Ishikari City, and Otaru City during the project’s development and construction.

JERA and GPI are committed to envisioning the region’s future together through the promotion of renewable energy projects. Going forward, we plan to work together with the people of Ishikari City, Otaru City, and the region to ensure both stable management of the project and regional development.


Project Overview

Developer:Green Power Ishikari GK
Power Generation Facility Location:Harbor Area, Ishikari Bay New Port, Hokkaido
Facility Capacity:8,000 kW × 14 units = 112,000 kW (Connection capacity: 99,990 kW)
Power Purchaser:Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc.
Power Purchase Period:20 years


About JERA Co., Inc.

JERA is a global energy company, with Japan’s largest power generation capacity and one of the largest fuel transaction volumes in the world.
Under its JERA Zero CO2 Emissions 2050 commitment to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions from domestic and international businesses by 2050, JERA is not only expanding renewable energy but also advancing the development of zero-emissions thermal that emits no CO2 during power generation. So far, JERA has worked to develop and introduce renewable energy globally, focusing primarily on wind power (cumulative developed capacity: approx. 3.35 million kW as of September 2023). By providing a platform for supplying clean energy that combines renewables with low-carbon thermal, JERA will continue to contribute to the sound growth and development of Asia and the world.


About Green Power Investment Corporation

Since its founding in 2004, Green Power Investment Corporation (“GPI”) has dedicated itself to the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects.

In 2020, GPI completed Wind Farm Tsugaru (122 MW), then the largest onshore wind farm in Japan. By expanding renewable energy, GPI is promoting energy creation that preserves regional cultural values and becomes a regional strength. In addition, we have also been engaged in offshore wind power generation—spotlighted by the government as key to the mass introduction of renewable energy—since 2007, earlier that other companies.

Source: Jera