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Winergy - Flender GmbH

Am Industriepark 2DE46562Voerde
Phone:+49 (0) 2871 92 0
Stronger Together for the Future of Wind Power!

Winergy, headquartered in Voerde, Germany, is the brand for drive solutions in the wind industry under the corporate structure of Flender GmbH.


Winergy is the brand for drive solutions in the wind industry. As the leading system supplier in the wind market, Winergy combines expertise for the entire drivetrain with gearboxes, generators, direct drive segments, couplings, multibrand drivetrain service and digital solutions.

Winergy - Flender GmbH
With more than 40 years of experience, Winergy offers gearboxes and generators for onshore and offshore applications up to 20 MW as well as comprehensive service offerings for wind turbine drivetrains. In addition to a global service network, there are locations worldwide in Europe, China, India and the US.

Service360 - Experience the power of all-round service.
With our multibrand service, we offer services for the entire drivetrain and serve the individual components from the wind gearbox and coupling to the generator as well as direct drive segments over their entire life cycle. In addition, Winergy offers CMaS Evolution, a digital service solution that is hardware-independent and combines monitoring, analysis, documentation, spare parts ordering and field service planning from a single source.

Our drive components - as individual as your requirements
A detailed specification of the wind turbines forms the basis for the design so that the drivetrain meets the specific conditions. We develop products that are matched to the interaction of all components of the drivetrain.

Quality - the basis for our products
The quality we demand from our products is also defined for our processes. So that our customers all over the world can benefit from high-quality products and short delivery times, we rely on holistic process management, lean workflows and zero-defect tolerance.

Partner of Choice for a Sustainable Future
The first gearbox for wind turbines was delivered in 1981. Winergy has already delivered over 350 GW of gearbox and generator capacity. Reliable, efficient and with low life cycle costs, Winergy components help convert wind into electricity.

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  • Founded: 1981 (Delivery of the first wind gearbox)