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NGC - NGC TRANSMISSION EUROPE Expert for high-performance transmission solutions and professional services. New business. Aftermarket. Maintenance and Repair.
Winergy is the brand for wind gearboxes and generators of Flender GmbH and headquartered in Germany. To date Winergy has supplied over 350 GW of combined ...
Independent service company for gearboxes of all manufacturers
Repair and improvement of wind turbine gearboxes of all types and in every size.
For more than 25 years Stromag has been an indespensable partner with an excellent reputation as a developer and manufacturer of intelligent braking systems and ...
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Leading producer of spare parts for Wind , Turbo and Industrial gearboxes Production according to drawing or sample Module 1 to 45, Outer diameter up to 2000 ...
Liebherr develops high-performance yaw and pitch gearboxes for the wind industry. Planetary gearboxes: up to module 24 at the output pinion and 250 kNm output ...