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HYTORC – Barbarino & Kilp GmbH

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HYTORC – mobile industrial Bolting Technologies

HYTORC stands for field-reliable, digitized, documented and mobile bolting (M16 to M130) whilst saving resources and improving quality in wind power applications.


HYTORC, the world’s leading manufacturer for mobile industrial bolting, develops ever more powerful new tools, fasteners and bolting processes to increase efficiency, profitability, safety and quality for its customers all over the world.

Battery-Tools 18V or 36V from 30Nm to 6.799Nm: The digital, battery-operated torque / angle Torque-Wrenches. The first battery-wrench series with TorcSence-Technology for documentation and monitoring of the most important bolting-parameters. Intuitive User Interface, Bluetooth Wireless Technology; Configuration directly via Display. The HYTORC Battery-Tools can also be operated via an App.

Hydraulic bolting from 60 Nm to 80.000 Nm with Eco2TOUCH-Pump: Digitized, mobile and process-reliable bolting of safety-critical bolt joints in the wind power industry, even coated components can be fastened in a process-reliable way. Automated bolting, assessment, documentation and statistics for all bolted joints  with these methods:

• DGA: Torque-controlled tightening

• DGD: Torque-controlled/angle-monitored tightening

• DGS: Torque-controlled/yield point-monitored tightening

• DDW: Torque-angle-controlled tightening

• DDW: Torque-angle controlles tightening

• SGA: Yield point-controlled tightening

• SGD: Yield point-controlled/angle-monitored tightening

• EXT: Externally controlled tightening w/ random measuring sensors w/ standard industry interface 0..10V / 0...20mA / 4...20mA

Mobile intuitive operation and  control via a TOUCH display on the pump. Optionally operable with a Scanner or via an App. Process-reliable bolting with automated documentation as texts, statistics and graphic-charts with all process-parameters for stability considerations. This ensures safe bolting processes through perfect monitoring, system transparency, system analysis, bolt administration and visualization of process data based on manipulation-proof documentation, especially for high-risk bolted joints.

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