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Wölfel Wind Systems GmbH

Max-Planck-Straße 15DE97204Höchberg
Phone:+49 (0)931 49708-0
Fax:+49 (0)931 49708-150
How do you make profits with knowledge?

From structural health monitoring including ice detection to dampers for tonalities and vibrations – we offer proven solutions to increase yield and optimize lifetime extension.


We are experts in vibration and signal analysis, provide information on structural damage, lifetime consumption and the associated potential continued operation, monitor material fatigue and help you meet legal requirements in the field of noise emissions.

High vibration levels, varying wind speeds or noise emissions – onshore and offshore, a wide variety of areas require professional engineering in order to make the operation of wind turbines (WTG) safe and efficient and to comply with licensing requirements.

By reliably detecting ice build-up, our IDD.Blade® ice detection system impressively reduces the downtime of your WTG. With SHM.Tower® and SHM.Foundation® you are best prepared for the topic "continued operation". With exact information about the structural condition of foundation and tower, you can achieve a precise asset evaluation and an optimized lifetime extension. The use of AI enables a new dimension of damage detection at the foundation. With SHM.Foundation individual, we are the market leader in the German offshore sector and offer customized solutions for foundation monitoring that enable condition-based inspections.

Low-frequency vibrations of the entire WTG can cause high stresses on the tower and thus significantly reduce the lifetime of the tower structure. Furthermore, if the vibrations are too high in the assembly state, e.g. the installation of the rotor blades may become impossible or may only be carried out in weather conditions that are very limited in time. Especially resonant vibrations can be reduced (cost-)effectively by our TMD.Tower dampers.

Noise-reduced operation can massively reduce the yields of your wind farm. With ADD.Sound® you minimize tonalities and return to normal operation mode. With more than 1000 systems on the market, we can justifiably call ourselves a technology leader in active solutions for reducing gearbox tonalities.

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  • Founded: 1971
  • Employees: 130