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wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG

Stephanitorsbollwerk 3DE28217Bremen
Phone:+49 (0)421 8976 600
Over 6 gigawatts under operational management

wpd windmanager is a wind farm and solar park management company, which is globally active and enjoys continuous growth.


Being on a steady growth path – from Pitea to Taichung – wpd windmanager can look back over many years of success, which saw the introduction of new wind farms, new sites, new target markets, and new services.

Our core focus is on the commercial and technical management of wind farms and solar parks around the world where we are experiencing steady growth. In addition to our core market in Germany, we also have an active presence in various other European countries, South America, and Asia. We currently employ about 500 people and manage over 6 gigawatts of wind farm output.

"Over the past few years", says Till Schorer, Director of Customer Relations at wpd windmanager, "we have once again undergone an enormous expansion. The German market has regained its momentum, but we have also added a large number of new projects around the world. The 6 gigawatts", he continues, "represent an important milestone for us. There are not many wind farm operators in the market with a comparable output volume."

International growth: Over 2.5 gigawatts under operational management

Our international operational portfolio has now increased to over 2.5 gigawatts and the trend is rising: we are planning to access further markets and launch additional projects in the coming years, both from the wpd AG pipeline and through external customer projects. In particular, our operations in France, Poland and Finland have increased dramatically in recent years, and many more projects are already in the late planning stage.

"Our international operations are set to grow even more strongly going forward," explains Henning Rüpke, Director of International Operations: "On the one hand through new target markets and on the other through a series of new projects in the countries in which we are currently operating."

New operational management requirements

Managing wind farms is a task continually beset by new challenges such as new technical requirements, legal regulations, reporting obligations, and bespoke customer requests.

In many new projects, for example, our technical management team is dealing with a new generation of significantly more powerful turbines such as the Enercon E-138, the Vestas V-150, and the Nordex N-149 all of which are already in service in Finnish, Swedish, Taiwanese, and German wind farms. "This new generation of turbines presents new challenges", as Henning Rüpke explains: "which increases the need for us to exchange information between locations and countries and to benefit from one another's know-how."

But new legal regulations also present new challenges. We at wpd windmanager are constantly developing our service portfolio to further optimise the operation of our customers' wind farms by addressing current issues such as demand-controlled night marking (BNK), redispatch 2.0, revenue skimming, and municipal levies.

"The workload for wind farm managers is increasing continuously," Till Schorer explains. "Our work is no longer limited to traditional business management tasks. Developing new services is becoming more important and we are increasingly being called upon to function as problem solvers and drivers of innovation."

Long-term experience

Wind farm and solar park operators, funding bodies, public utilities, and investors have been relying on the expertise of wpd windmanager in commercial and technical management for over 20 years and our success has been extremely impressive: 9 out of 10 operators say they would recommend our business management services. We also provide an asset and portfolio management service for many operators around the world – from Oulu to Los Ángeles – as well as taking care of the overall operational management on their behalf.

We are also supporting the further development of renewable energies and pushing new industry standards through various research and development collaborations.

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