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Regenerative Energien Zernsee GmbH & Co. KG

Seesener Straße 10-13DE10709Berlin
Phone:+49 (0)30 22 44 598 30
Fax:+49 (0)30 22 44 598 31
Everything for growth

REZ offers technical and commercial management services including site management and overall economic responsibility. Our modular services can be ordered separately and are always provided in a customer orientated way.


The standards for good wind farm management are increasing. We at REZ are keeping up with these challenges and are moving into new premises in Berlin to continue our development. Over the next few years, our portfolio is set to increase to a total output of 500 MW. We will also be taking on the management of large solar parks.

REZ has been active as a technical and commercial wind farm operator for over a decade and currently monitors the turbines around the clock in a constant effort to achieve the best possible performance - both during economic slumps and during more profitable periods when it is essential to make optimal provisions for bad times ahead.

That is why we at REZ round off our service portfolio by offering everything from site management through our own on-site service to the assumption of overall economic responsibility for wind farms and solar parks, as well as direct marketing. One particularly hot topic is optimising marketing processes during turbulent times.

From a technical point of view, it's all about eliminating faults quickly and maintaining high yields. From a commercial perspective, turbulent markets mean that concepts have to be constantly refined depending on the performance of a given wind farm, whereby we at REZ can support our customers throughout all project stages.

Going the extra mile

REZ also enters into tough negotiations with service providers on behalf of its customers, raises its voice in the energy policy discourse, and tackles issues at an early stage.

REZ participates in professional exchanges of information, is a recognised member of the BWE's advisory board for operational managers, provides commercial traineeships as part of the BWE's advanced training programmes, and uses specially developed measures to ensure greater acceptance of the respective projects. This also includes appropriate night-time lighting and the protection of birds and bats. But local resident participation is one of REZ's main points of focus. REZ also uses customer communications and expert presentations to ensure an extensive transfer of knowledge.

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