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Regenerative Energien Zernsee GmbH & Co. KG

Seesener Straße 10-13DE10709Berlin
Phone:+49 (0)30 22 44 598 30
Fax:+49 (0)30 22 44 598 31
A little bit of magic

REZ offers technical and commercial management including site management; we also take on overall economic responsibility. We offer a modular system - always fully flexible and customer orientated.


Of course, operational management is just a bit of magic that almost takes care of itself. In reality, it involves... what can we say: accounts management, contracting, meeting demands - managing everything really. Yes you could but you don't have to. We’ll gladly take care of these tasks for you.

Real life can be fairly mundane: REZ's services include the commercial and technical management of wind farms as well as site management via our dedicated on-site service and, if desired, the assumption of overall responsibility for wind or solar farms, up to and including the preparation of direct marketing contracts and the optimisation of marketing processes. A one stop shop!

Included among our standard services are negotiations with service providers, PPAs, redispatch and demand-based night-time obstruction lighting, as well as project development, engaging in industry training and professional dialogue within the sector. In other words: everything that REZ specialises in can be booked and used.

Efficiency and quality

So, we make things easy for you, but not for others. To ensure the safety of would-be burglars, we use alarm systems and cameras to prevent them from exposing themselves to the risk of electrocution in substations or wind turbines. The same cameras also function as a kind of remote maintenance aid, saving unnecessary site visits – another of the many points that characterise our efficient and high-quality operational management.

We can even give you that in writing, because REZ was once again DIN EN ISO 9001 certified in 2023, which involved a complete reassessment of the company's quality management processes. The result: REZ meets every single one of the extremely high demands. This certification demonstrates to our clients, partners, and employees that the company is focused on high standards, professionalism, and client orientation. Interim audits are carried out every year, and the next full audit is scheduled for 2025.

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  • Founded: 2004
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