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With the power of wind and sun.

New builds, enhancing existing infrastructure, creating new perspectives. The Green Wind Group and its dedicated team are programmed for the future.


100 % Renewable! That is what the Green Wind Group team is dedicated to – from project development to operational management, maintenance management offshore to engineering services, from hydrogen projects to sector coupling. All supported by the independent 24/7 "greenwind control room".

"Even after over ten years of working together, we always have an ace up our sleeve for Green Wind." Owner and Managing Director of the Green Wind Group, Martin Kühl, and his partner Manuel Lasse fully agree: "Our think tank is full to the brim. We place particular importance on maintaining an open and trusting working relationship with the team and our partners, ensuring that our projects are future-oriented, and making a significant contribution to the environment!"

Renewable energy projects with Green Wind Energy
"One of our most important concerns in project development – also if there are headwinds – is fairness, especially in collaboration with authorities and municipalities." Pascal Peters, project developer at the new site in Lübeck and project developer Marie-Luise Mörk agree that "this facilitates our work, which ranges from securing land to project implementation." Maximilian Horn is in charge of construction management and is currently working at the wind farms in Freudenberg and Schrepkow.

Asset Management with Green Wind Operations
Milos Wimhöfer, Head of Commercial Management, is committed to bringing about a liveable future: "We ensure that the correct financing is in place and employ a forward-looking asset management strategy to achieve long-term income security all whilst keeping an eye on our clients' liquidity."

Technical Operations Management with Green Wind Operations
Robert Kadereit is Deputy Head of Technical Operations, providing "intensive care and support aimed at a long and problem free service life for wind turbines and substations." Technical Operations Manager, Janina Menke, adds that: "We also offer a continued operations service. We meticulously study the applicable legislation and contracts and get the most out of wind turbines", which are currently producing around 750 MW of onshore power in Europe.

H2 with Green Wind Innovation
Kilian Fromm develops projects in the field of hydrogen & sector coupling. "Green, regional hydrogen production is a realistic prospect going forward. We are currently involved in various partnerships to make it happen, one of which is Thuringia's largest, the multi-award-winning hydrogen pilot project known as TH2ECO."

Maintenance with Green Wind Offshore
"Progressive, independent, assertive, and flexible" is how Emanuel Fätke describes Green Wind Offshore GmbH. His duties include maintenance management and the implementation of large-scale offshore installations from construction to dismantling, logistics, and customs clearance included. One example is the maintenance management for the DolWin3 grid connection system in the North Sea off the German coast.

Balancing with Green Wind Engineering
Green Wind's engineering service providers carry out surveys, take measurements, and perform balancing operations all over the world. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Heilmann: "Those who have walked across a rotor blade like I have, are well aware that turbines sway significantly if they have mass imbalances and blade angle errors." Managing Director Michael Melsheimer: "Professional balancing is well worth the investment and can increase the output by up to an average of 8.5 per cent!"

Everything for Green Wind Denmark
Flemming Reinholdt, Managing Director for Denmark, and his colleague from the Technical Operations Management team, Torben Post, are fully committed to a green future in the motherland of wind energy. "We can offer the entire programme, from repowering and project development to operational management", which, as Torben Post adds, "includes managing all the interests of our project investors in Germany, Denmark and Sweden and handling all contacts with service providers, insurance providers, and energy companies".

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