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With the power of wind

The use of renewable energies makes people independent and ensures a climate-neutral future. The Green Wind Group is using the power of the wind to drive the energy transition.


The Green Wind Group operates internationally both on- and offshore and covers project development, technical and commercial operational management, offshore maintenance management, engineering services for wind turbine optimisation, integrated energy systems, and full maintenance services.

10 years – a success story

The company, which has its headquarters in Berlin and branches in Aarhus and Copenhagen, celebrates its tenth anniversary as an independent company in 2021.  and has been developing continuously since its inception. The foundations of many regional green wind projects that are currently operating had already been laid when the company was launched ten years ago. At that time, Green Wind began by securing sites and completing the approval processes for initial projects in Brandenburg, the first of which was the largest repowering project to date: The Vormark/Prignitz wind farm comprises 14 wind turbines and its own transformer station. A total of 33 wind turbines have been completed to date, and 15 more are going through the approval phase in 2021.

A growing team of experts

The independent company currently employs over 80 people in five divisions. In 2020 alone, the year of Covid, 20 new staff members joined the team. The Group's core subsidiaries include Green Wind Energy, responsible for the development and repowering of wind and PV projects, and Green Wind Operations responsible for the technical and commercial management of onshore facilities with a total output in excess of 600 MW. The offshore sector was added in 2015, among other things by taking on the maintenance management contract for the DolWin3 grid connection system (provision of the "technical support line"). The first wind farm in Denmark, which resulted from the company's acquisition of two Danish companies, went online with three Enercon wind turbines in the anniversary year 2021.

New directions 2021/2022

Green Wind once again took decisive steps towards the future in 2021: Green Wind provides support for the partial and full maintenance service of the newly founded WindNOW! GmbH with its 24/7 control room. Green Wind completed its portfolio with two further pillars: Green Wind Engineering GmbH and Green Wind Innovation GmbH. PV technology must also be integrated to enable the efficient development of hydrogen projects, which are currently been pursued.

Ensuring that everything turns smoothly

Managing Director of GW Engineering, Michael Melsheimer, uses his vast experience to take a look precisely at "those places where components rotate. As a specialist in engineering services for the technical optimisation of wind turbines, our focus is on balancing rotating parts, producing expert reports, and bespoke data collection projects." Their world-renowned experts have been firmly established in the wind energy sectors for many years and specialise in rotor dynamics: ensuring that everything turns smoothly.

The future is hydrogen

Green Wind Innovation is a start-up initiative founded by two young employees, Natalie Klette and Kilian Fromm. Under the leadership of Managing Director Manuel Lasse, they have dedicated themselves to providing consultancy services and to the development of integrated energy systems, among other things, in relation to hydrogen. Their current project involves the development of detailed concepts for electrolysis plants in conjunction with wind and photovoltaic systems in collaboration with regional energy companies in Thuringia.

"We cover everything now!"

According to Green Wind co-owner Manuel Lasse: "We now cover everything that is necessary for project development and operations from the greenfield site to dismantling, and from technical services to engineering services and sector coupling." "Of course,” says company founder Martin Kühl, who runs the Group together with Lasse: “we will continue to be dependent on how wind energy is assessed in Germany and other European countries. But we do believe that we can make the world a little better through our efforts and by building independent structures."

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  • Founded: 2011
  • Employees: 87