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EMD Deutschland GbR

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windPRO, windOPS, energyPRO - Training and Support

Modular software for the planning, design and simulation of wind energy projects (windPRO) and decentralized energy projects (energyPRO). Online performance monitoring for wind farms (windOPS).


EMD Deutschland is the exclusive sales agency and training provider of EMD International A/S for central europe, the balkan states and the German speaking countries.

windPRO – software for wind energy project design and planning

windPRO is a module-based software package suited for project design and planning of wind farms and photovoltaic power plants. windPRO covers different areas, from energy yield calculations via wind data analysis, performance checking and environmental impact calculations to grid connection calculation. With its integrated online data services, a user friendly interface and continuous development to integrate new research and knowledge, it is now the world leading software for wind energy project design. windPRO is used by project developers, independent experts, WTG manufacturers, grid operators, banks, authorities and others.

energyPRO – software for the simulation of distributed energy systems

energyPRO is the most advanced and flexible modelling software for combined techno-economic optimisation and analysis of a variety of heat, CHP, process and cooling related energy projects. In energyPRO you can model virtually any type of technologies from well-known, fossil fuel based production units to state-of-the-art renewables.

windOPS – web software for performance analysis of your wind farm

windOPS is a web-based wind power management and analytics software service developed for the daily performance monitoring and to compare, analyse and report operational and financial data for wind farm assets on a regular basis. Present and past operation data of WTGs from different manufacturers are shown in a unified view and summarized in a well-arranged portfolio view.

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  • Founded: 1999
  • Sales: > 5 Mio. € (EMD Int. A/S)
  • Employees: 10 (EMD Deutschland) of which wind energy: 6