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Optimize and protect your wind turbine with the ROMEG measuring system

windcomp is an expert for the optimization of wind turbines. We detect aerodynamic and mass imbalances quickly and precisely with the ROMEG method, during normal turbine operation.


windcomp GmbH is specialized in the optimization of wind turbines. We have developed the ROMEG measuring system, with which we can quickly detect both aerodynamic and mass imbalances. It is a dynamic measuring process during normal plant operation.

windcomp develops and produces laser measuring systems for wind turbines and offers as service the measurement of the turbines through our experts. 

ROMEG is a laser-based measuring system for the dynamic measurement of wind turbines. 

ROMEG can detect and measure aerodynamic imbalances, caused by blade angle deviations, as well as mass imbalances. 


The following parameters and functions are measured by the ROMEG System:

  • Relative Blade angle - The main function of the ROMEG system is to measure relative blade angle deviations.
  • Mass-excited unbalance - Detection of unbalance-generating mass differences in the rotor blades
  • Tower vibrations - The oscillation pattern of the axial tower movement is a good indicator for the evaluation of the detected blade angle deviations.
  • Vibration analysis of the tower movement (FFT Analysis)
  • Measurement of the tower clearance of the blade tips


  • The laser measurement takes place on a running turbine under real operating conditions. 
  • No loss of yield due to downtime while measurement
  • Fast measuring process - entire wind farms within a short time
  • Results are quickly available on site and can be used immediately to optimize the turbine. 
  • By comparing the vibration pattern before and after the correction, the success of the optimization is immediately visible and provable.


In contrast to an imbalanced turbine, a turbine with well-balanced rotor shows the following attributes:

  • Better performance/higher yield
  • Higher availability
  • Longer service-life of turbine
  • Less tower stress
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Lower noise emission

The ROMEG system is available as ground- and nacelle based measurement system and can therefore also be used for offshore turbines

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