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TOP seven GmbH & Co. KG

Schiffbauerweg 1DE82319Starnberg
Phone:+49 (0) 8151 95966-0
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TOPseven is a software and technology developer whose primary focus is on drone technology, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.


TOPseven – unassisted inspection by autonomously flying drone.

This highly automated application is possible thanks to the AI-based control software, the globally patented solution for non-contact lightning protection measurement, and the cloud-based wind turbine application software.

The innovative use of drones for the efficient inspection of wind turbines has been available for some time. TOPseven is now taking the technology to a new level through a combination of AI and specialised hardware. Our drones fly autonomously, deliver high-resolution images, detect defects in lightning protection systems and can be used independently by our customers after a short training course.
Drones offer the promise of efficient wind turbine inspections, but until recently they have had to be flown by specialists and generated images that were difficult to analyse, but Topseven has refined the use of drones with an AI control and analysis solution. Our "drone robots" navigate automatically calculated flight routes and fly completely autonomously:

• Only requires a short training course: AI-controlled autonomous drone flight with no need for specialised pilots. Reports generated in compliance with industry-standard damage assessment criteria using the TOPseven software application.

• Fast and flexible: visual inspection of all rotor blades and the tower during a single turbine shutdown.

• Simple and transparent: the surveyor can record any damage along with precise positional data.

• Efficient analysis: the AI-controlled camera delivers seamless, quality assured images with evenly minimal overlaps.

• Unique, worldwide patented lightning protection mensuration: contact-free testing of the lightning protection system in just a few minutes. Special sensors precisely detect and localise any defects.

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  • Founded: 2020
  • Employees: 60