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World innovation: Condition Monitoring system with Fail-Safe (CMFS)

The new Condition Monitoring system with Fail-Safe (CMFS) from Nabtesco helps to prevent failure of wind turbines and prolong their life.


For 20 years Nabtesco Corporation has pursued the development, engineering and manufacture of yaw drive units of wind turbines. Now Nabtesco in Japan has developed a CMFS condition monitoring system with a fail-safe function.

Nabtesco Corporation, an international company with various subsidiaries and business units, provides precision motion in a wide range of industries and applications with its unique motion control technology. For the wind energy industry, Nabtesco has developed a CMFS condition monitoring system with a fail-safe function that protects the yaw slewing unit against failure in order to extend the service life of wind turbines and substantially reduce costs.

A real game changer for the wind industry
The decisive feature of this innovative technology is that in addition to the condition monitoring function with fault detection, it is also automatically activated in the event of excessive forces and uneven load distribution. This is a world first. It eliminates unplanned downtimes due to a damaged yaw slewing unit and the resulting high costs.

The CMFS system protects wind turbines against failure
The CMFS system consists of four components – bolt strain sensor, signal transducer, controller and power supply unit – which makes installation fast and easy. The high-precision strain sensor measures the external forces, which are processed and analysed by the controller. If the values exceed critical parameters, the controller automatically triggers the electromagnetic brake on the respective yaw drive unit to reduce the load.

All models, brands and types of wind turbines can be equipped with a CMFS system, and the system is also designed for easy retrofitting in existing wind turbines.

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