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Juwi and Windwärts merging to become JUWI. For even better energy.

JUWI is a leading project developer and operator, combining technical know-how, local expertise, and extensive experience in Germany and many other countries around the world.


The juwi Group and Windwärts Energie GmbH have been among the leading players in the wind energy sector for over 25 years. Our joint strategy for the future will be to grow both nationally and internationally under the name "JUWI" and, as in the past, as a subsidiary of MVV Energie AG.

juwi and Windwärts were both pioneers in the field of renewable energies and have proven that sustainability pays off both economically and socially. Both companies have made significant contributions towards making renewables one of the mainstays of our energy supply system, a success story that we are now continuing together. We have already been collaborating closely under the MVV Energie umbrella since 2014 and as a single company since early June 2022.

Now more than ever we are and will remain one of the leading wind and solar park development, construction, and operational management companies. This is our core business, which we want to expand further. At the same time, we have long been dedicated to futuristic concepts such as storage technologies, hybrid power stations, and marketing renewable electricity beyond the scope of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

With our parent company MVV, we have one of the country's leading energy suppliers at our side, which has set itself an ambitious goal to bring about a climate-positive future by 2040 through their "Mannheim Model". Our own projects and services are making an important contribution to this and, of course, we have our employees to thank for this. Over 1200 staff members are currently working for a climate-friendly energy supply and the success of our customers in Wörrstadt, Hanover, and in many other locations in Germany and around the globe. Our success, both now and in the future, is rooted in their commitment, expertise, and belief in our common goal of "100 per cent renewable energy".

We are setting the pace for the energy transition

Together we have connected over 1200 wind turbines with a total output of around 2900 megawatts to the grid. Our most northerly facility is in Thaden in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district and our most southerly in Immendingen between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb. We have built a wind farm in Krackow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, just a few kilometres from the Polish border, and several in the far west of the republic in the Aachen triangle. We have also set up numerous wind farms around the world from South Africa to Chile, Costa Rica, and the USA to Australia.

We ensure optimal operations 24/7

A reliable wind turbine operation is crucial for both our energy supply and the investors. We currently manage 2700 megawatts of wind and solar power in Germany alone and monitor them from our state-of-the-art 24/7 control room. Our total global managed output is almost 5000 megawatts. Our service range also includes the operational management of battery storage systems.

With full power into the future

Storage technologies are playing an increasingly important role in our projects. As one of the leading providers of hybrid power plants for mine operators and off-grid communities, we are combining solar, wind, and storage solutions with existing power plant infrastructure in various projects in Australia and Africa. JUWI has also achieved success in Germany with several innovation tender projects and is currently constructing wind and solar farms with integrated battery storage. We are also collaborating on a wind hydrogen project with our parent company MVV.

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  • Founded: 1994
  • Employees: 1200