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One form of energy ahead

We are an independent energy company that generates electricity and heat exclusively from renewable sources. We supply safe and affordable renewable energy to all sectors.


ENERTRAG is your partner for renewable energies. All across the globe we ensure the participatory planning, reliable construction and operation, and efficient maintenance of energy plants and grids, including fully interconnected power facilities.

As far as ENERTRAG is concerned, renewable energies are more than just a business model. We have been passionately refining new technologies to bring about the energy transition for 25 years: we are making green hydrogen a realistic proposition, decarbonising CO2-intensive industries, and providing all services involved in sector coupling projects worldwide.


From the original concept to power production: anyone who wants to construct renewable energy facilities needs competent partners. We have a thorough knowledge of everything involved throughout the project value chain and have extensive experience in project planning, plant operation, and technical system optimisation. We take a holistic approach integrating wind power and photovoltaics with green hydrogen and innovative technologies to produce reliable and cost-effective electricity, gas, and heat. Another aspect of our success is our focus on species and nature conservation measures, broad public participation, and fair ownership agreements.

ENERTRAG Operations

If you want things to virtually run themselves, rest assured: ENERTRAG guarantees the smooth operation of renewable energy facilities. Working out of six locations around Europe, we currently operate in excess of 1200 wind turbines of different types on behalf of our clients, always in a profitable and efficient manner and based on accredited procedures and processes. Our operational management service is built around transparent reporting, continuous yield optimisation, and targeted maintenance including regular inspections by drones.

Our service offering includes individually packaged technical and commercial operational management for wind turbines, but also for photovoltaic facilities, hydrogen, substations, P2X, battery storage, and biogas.


We let the data speak for itself: the ENERTRAG Powersystem is a platform we have developed for networking renewable energy facilities and optimising their operational management. The software is used by operators, asset managers and direct marketers for accurate billing, minute-by-minute remote control, and permit compliance monitoring. It also automates recurring processes and identifies weak points and opportunities for improvement.


Things are moving in the right direction: the future potential of wind energy is currently greater than ever before. To keep the wind turbines running consistently and profitably, reliable maintenance and servicing is indispensable. Working out of 16 German service stations as well as from bases in France and South Africa, ENERTRAG provides manufacturer-independent and individual support for wind turbines. We carry out repairs and troubleshooting as well as the non-destructive testing of materials and install spare parts and large components all over the world. We also offer an environmentally friendly dismantling service.

ENERTRAG Technology

Perfect timing: the flashing red lights mounted on wind turbines can be perceived as disturbing by people in the surrounding area. ENERTRAG uses "procandela" to provide innovative lighting concepts for wind turbines. Our "DARK SKY®" system enables demand-controlled night marking, which is only activated when an aircraft approaches thus reducing light emissions by up to 98 percent and increasing public acceptance of wind energy.

Why you can rely on us?

Because our annual production of 1.6 terawatt hours, our own portfolio, and a service network of more than 1,200 wind turbines mean that we know first-hand what is important.

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