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Energiequelle GmbH

Hauptstraße 44DE15806Zossen OT Kallinchen
Phone:+49 (0)33769-871 100
Fax:+49 (0)33739 - 871 105
Energy transition? We are doing it.

Project planning, construction and operational management of wind turbines, biogas and photovoltaic plants, storage facilities and substations in addition to innovative energy concept planning.


Energy transition? We are doing it.

Energiequelle GmbH has been active in the renewable energy sector since 1997. With over 400 employees and having installed more than 750 facilities, we are an industry leader – passionate, bold, and innovative.

An experienced full-service provider

We have been implementing renewable energy projects for more than 25 years. We develop, construct, and operate wind energy and photovoltaic plants, substations, and energy storage systems. We also work on innovative energy supply solutions, manage the repowering of older facilities and market sustainably produced green electricity to end users via our eqSTROM subsidiary.

We are currently responsible for the electrical, technical, and commercial operational management of over 800 facilities. Our customers attest to our excellent customer services and praise our friendly attitude, accessibility, and ongoing reliability.

In terms of funding and sales, we maintain long-standing cooperative relationships with plant manufacturers, credit institutions and investors, which translates to innovative and bespoke financing solutions for our national and international clients.

Collaboration and project acquisition

In addition to maintaining existing project development collaborations, it is important to us to continuously expand our partner portfolio with a view to bundling competencies and advancing projects in a collaborative manner. We are happy to acquire national projects as well as foreign rights packages at any stage.

New business field for innovative energy concepts

Our business development colleagues are working on extending our energy source range, which includes self-supply solutions for industrial and commercial clients in the power, heat, and mobility sectors, as well as power-to-X project implementation.

Internationally active

Our head office is in Kallinchen near Berlin, and we have a total of 20 offices in Germany, France, Finland and Poland. We want to advance the energy transition in two further markets by 2025, thereby contributing to sustainable corporate growth.


We have already installed over 1500 MW of power output to date. We also have a completed and operational 10 MW lithium-ion storage system as well as a power-to-heat system in use in Feldheim, an energy self-sufficient village in Germany. We are currently working on a power plant for the production, use, storage, and reconversion of hydrogen in the Lusatia region.

Personal, fair, and down-to-earth

Our corporate philosophy has not changed since our founding. In spite of the significant growth we have experienced, we remain a family business and cultivate the personal exchange of ideas both with our partners and among ourselves. It is important for us to treat each other as equals, always to deal with each other honestly and fairly, and to be reliable at all times. This keeps us together in our shared mission.

Business segments:
- Wind energy
- Photovoltaics
- Biogas
- Grid connectivity
- Energy storage
- Sales and distribution of electrical power
- Innovative energy concepts
- Project development
- Management
- Funding, sales, and distribution
- Repowering
- Project acquisition & collaborations

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  • Kommunikationsbeirat
more data:
  • Founded: 1997
  • Sales: ca. 160 Mio.
  • Employees: 400