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Energiequelle GmbH

Hauptstraße 44DE15806Zossen OT Kallinchen
Phone:+49 (0)33769-871 100
Fax:+49 (0)33739 - 871 105
Energy transition? We're doing it.

Project planning, construction and operational management of wind, biogas, and pv equipment, storage facilities and transformer stations, as well as innovative energy concept planning.


Energy transition? We're doing it.

Energiequelle GmbH has been active in the renewable energies market since 1997. We are an industry leading company with over 450 employees in four countries and more than 800 installed wind turbines – passionate, bold, and innovative.

An experienced full-service provider

We have been implementing renewable energy projects for more than 25 years. We develop, build, and operate wind energy and photovoltaic plants, transformer stations, and energy storage systems at our 21 locations in Germany, France, Finland, and Poland. We also develop innovative energy supply solutions, repower older facilities and supply our customers with sustainably produced green electricity via our subsidiary eqSTROM.

We manage the electrical, technical, and commercial aspects of over 800 power production facilities. Our customers attest to our excellent customer service performance and praise our high level of customer friendliness, accessibility, and constant reliability.

In terms of funding and sales, we maintain long-term, collaborative relationships with plant manufacturers, credit institutions, and investors, the result of which are innovative and bespoke funding solutions for our domestic and overseas customers.

Collaboration and project purchasing

In addition to maintaining existing project development partnerships, we place great importance on continuously expanding our partner portfolio with a view to pooling our expertise and collaboratively driving projects forward. We are happy to bid on national projects as well as foreign rights packages at any stage.

New business unit for innovative energy concepts

Our business development team is working on the extension of our energy source portfolio, which includes self-supply solutions for industrial and commercial clients in the electricity, heating, and mobility sectors, as well as the implementation of power-to-X projects.


To date we have installed over 1.600 MW of power generation capacity. We have also built and are operating a 10 MW lithium-ion storage system and a power-to-heat system in Feldheim, an energy self-sufficient village in Germany. We currently have a power plant under construction in Lusatia for the production, utilisation, storage, and reconversion of hydrogen.

Corporate expansion plan

We are currently focussing on the strategic expansion of our activities both at home and abroad. More specifically, we plan to expand into at least three more countries and to double our staff count to 800 over the next five years, which is why the four former division heads took up their new activities in the recently created Executive Board on the first of May. The new Energiequelle GmbH management team consists of Gregor Weber (Project Management), Lars Schiller (Operations Management), Maik Pytzka (Sales and Finance) and Dirk Meiser (Central Functions), together with Managing Director Michael Raschemann.

Personal, fair, and down-to-earth

Our corporate philosophy has remained unchanged since the company was founded. Notwithstanding the strong growth we have experienced, we remain a family-owned company and cultivate personal interactions both with our partners and among ourselves. It is important to us to work on an equal footing in a mutually honest and fair manner and to be reliable at all times. It is this that binds us together in our shared mission.
Business areas
• Wind power
• Photovoltaics
• Biogas
• Grid connection
• Energy storage
• Electricity sales and distribution
• Innovative energy concepts

• Project development
• Management
• Financing & sales
• Repowering
• Project purchasing & collaborations

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more data:
  • Founded: 1997
  • Sales: ca. 213 Mio.
  • Employees: 450