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CPC Germania GmbH & Co. KG

Max-Born-Straße 1DE48431Rheine
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Future's in the air

CPC Germania is a project management company specialising in wind farms and photovoltaic parks. We also provide technical and commercial management services and are a green power producer in our own right.


CPC Germania is all about ecological and economic progress, planned and implemented by wind energy pioneers. As a medium-sized family business, we have been setting up wind energy projects since 1993 with passion and expertise, as well as national and international photovoltaic projects since 2018.

Onshore: woodland, meadow, farmland...
To the best of our ability, all of our projects are executed in harmony with nature. Whether it be pastureland, arable regions, or wooded areas, we always strive to minimise land use and maximise revenue for our clients and partners. If you own a piece of land that you are not currently using then give us a call.

Career opportunities
It's all in the mix: bright young talents and experienced pioneers in the field of regenerative energy collaborate with each other as equals to develop highly efficient projects. If you'd like to join our team then check out the "careers" section on our homepage. Welcome!

Commercial and technical operational management
The best evidence of our team's capabilities, both commercially and technically, are the hundreds of megawatts of wind energy and photovoltaics both in our own portfolio and in our third-party operational management activities. For CPC Germania, maximum availability and efficiency are a matter of course.

Energy projects involve long-term investments. Reliable planning and implementation as well as punctuality all the way from land acquisition to commissioning not only secure these investments, but also ensure that the future will be powered by green energy.

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