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KWS Energy Knowledge eG

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Knowledge – Workmanship – Safety

For more than 60 years, KWS has been a service provider and an educational institution with its customized and up-to-date training and consulting offerings for the  power industry.


In the area of wind power, we assist you with qualification measures from our basic and advanced training program as well as with client-specific courses and workshops. Get in touch with us and benefit from our strong community!

KWS Energy Knowledge eG is a globally renowned leader in basic and advanced training for the power industry. Thanks to our ever-growing lineup of advanced training offerings and bespoke instruction courses, we guarantee a uniformly high training standard for power industry businesses. With our across-the-board training array, we contribute to greater safety, environmental protection, and improved economy.

Energy providers worldwide entrust us with the basic and advanced training of their personnel. Take the opportunity to use our know-how and have a strong, dependable partner by your side. Together, we will qualify your operating, service, and maintenance personnel to make them even better professionals. This association gives your business a decisive edge over the competition. Enable your team to reach peak performance with our longtime experience and proven training concepts.

With our Wind Training Tower (WTT), we are able to offer matchless safety, operations, maintenance and repairs instruction.

Our program encompasses courses, seminars, workshops, and trainings covering the following topics:
1.  Advanced training for service technician for wind power installation technology (CCI)
2. Retraining as industrial electrician operating technology for wind energy (CCI)
3. Teaching fundamentals in the field of wind power installations and their technology
4. Occupational safety, health and environmental protection, fire protection
5. Identification and documentation
6. Electrotechnology
7. Interdepartmental skills
8. Safety trainigs according to DGUV and GWO
9. Renting the WTT

Our claim is to be –and to remain– a top service provider in basic and advanced training of the power industry’s expert staff.

more data:
  • Founded: 1957
  • Employees: 56