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Statkraft Markets GmbH

Derendorfer Allee 2aDE40476Düsseldorf
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Renew the way the world is powered

We have always believed in a better kind of power. Power that renews itself, and in turn, renews the world. 


We create a positive and sustainable future for people, communities, industries, and for you as a business partner. 

A secure future for your renewable energy plant

As a leading marketer of renewable energy, Statkraft is a strong partner that accompanies developers and operators in the market over the long term – whether as a partner in direct marketing or purchasing power from new unsubsidised plants or plants that have run out of subsidies. Over 125 years of experience with our own power plants, in project development as well as in trading create the best conditions for reliable direct marketing. We purchase electricity volumes on fixed terms, assume commercial risks, and thus enable the operation of renewable plants. With price fixing, we offer you the possibility of additionally generating plannable and reliable profits. In addition to standard services such as generation forecasts, marketing of electricity on the spot market and balancing, we support you at all times and make everyday energy life easier. With our many years of expertise, we also make it possible to generate additional revenue from the marketing of wind turbine flexibility, storage and e-mobility solutions.

Sale, cooperation, or continued operation of your wind farm

Are you operating an older wind farm? Many of these plants can continue to be operated economically and play an important role in the energy transition. Statkraft not only offers operators and owners viable, long-term power purchase agreements, that ensure the continued economic operation of existing plants. We also think beyond this and offer you to purchase older wind farms or to enter individual cooperations in which we would also take over the dismantling. Together with you, we ensure that clean energy continues to be renewed.

Our team is a reliable partner with in-depth know-how.

We accelerate the expansion of renewable energy

Statkraft has been developing, building, and operating wind farms for more than 20 years, and solar farms for 10 years. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming one of the global leaders in the field.

Germany is one of our core markets for wind and solar energy. In a few years' time we want to become one of the leading developers in this sector. We are focusing on greenfield projects, taking over repowering or partially developed projects or entire portfolios. We do this independently, or in partnerships with other developers.

From 2027 onwards, we plan to develop and build 300 to 500 megawatts of wind, solar and battery projects every year. By 2030, we want to commission 2,000 megawatts of wind and solar plants and thus more than double our power plant capacity in Germany.

Green power for green hydrogen in Germany

Our contribution to the renewal of the energy world does not stop at the development of solar parks and wind farms. We also have ambitious plans for the ramp-up of hydrogen: in 2030 we want to have at least 250 megawatts of installed capacity operational to produce green hydrogen in Germany. Up to 200 megawatts of this will be at our power plant site in Emden. We are planning a 10 MW pilot project there, which should go into operation in 2025/26, provided the necessary permits and funding are available.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about direct marketing or specifically about the continued operation of your plants. Are you looking for a partner to realise your wind or solar projects? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also meet us in person at wind industry days and trade fairs. Just have a look at our website.

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