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in.power Services GmbH

An der Fahrt 5DE55124Mainz
Phone:+49 (0)6131 69657-0
Fax:+49 (0)6131 69657-29
Pioneers of direct marketing - experienced, innovative, independent.

The in.power group is your partner in all aspects of direct marketing including Ü20 continued operation, PV PPA, metering point operation, remote controllability, redispatch 2.0, regional green power products etc.


As a pioneer in its field, the in.power group offers a wide range of services. Whether you need direct marketing, continued operation of Ü20 facilities, PV PPA, metering point operation, remote controllability, redispatch 2.0 or regional green power products for end customers, the in.power group is the partner for you!

Ever since 2006 and as one of the first companies in Germany, the Mainz-based in.power group has been involved in the direct marketing of renewable and environmentally friendly energies. The Czech Second Foundation invested in in.power in 2022 and are supporting in.power's services through their innovative approach to energy trading.
In addition to the traditional direct marketing of EEG and CHP facilities, in.power offers innovative solutions for the Ü20 continued operation of wind turbines and photovoltaic plants. The particularly transparent open-book model enables operators to participate in the market to the fullest extent and also offers the option of providing end customers with electricity from – wherever possible – regional green electricity products. Our portfolio also includes fixed-price products.

in.power offers numerous services related to direct marketing via its subsidiaries. in.power metering GmbH, for example, is an independent metering point operator. In addition to online metering and a dedicated Internet portal that enables operators to view all relevant metering and revenue variables for each facility, this service also includes the implementation of remote-control facilities.
in.power also supports customers and third parties, whose facilities are not being marketed directly, with redispatch 2.0 and offers solutions for third party volume delimitation.  

Throughout Germany, the subsidiary grün.power GmbH supplies end users with regional green electricity through a simultaneous comprehensive supply from solar, wind, and hydro facilities. As a joint venture platform, in.power network GmbH offers market partners (from 200 MW) a comprehensive range of services and direct market access under a partnership model.

more data:
  • Founded: 2006
  • Employees: ca. 15