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Schraubenwerk Zerbst GmbH

Altbuchsland 22DE39261Zerbst/Anhalt
Phone:+49 (0)3923 713-102
Fax:+49 (0)3923 713-200
Fasteners for wind turbines

Screw fasteners for wind turbines and their components, HV sets up to M72 size, standard and specially designed screws, rotor blade fasteners, global delivery for assembly and to construction sites.

We fasten your wind turbine components safely and reliably. Wind turbine and component manufacturers around the world rely on Zerbst screws and fasteners.

The Zerbst plant has been manufacturing high-quality screws and fasteners for 100 years.

Schraubenwerk Zerbst has been supplying screws made of high-quality steel to the automotive industry as early as the 1920s. At that time, 30 % of overall production was exported to the US, UK, India and the Netherlands.

Nowadays the plant in Zerbst is a highly sophisticated production plant for fasteners. In addition to an extensive product range for rail track technology, Zerbst supplies industrial screws and screw fasteners to many industries. Customers around the world from the crane industry, automotive engineering, mechanical and plant engineering  trust the Zerbst brand.

Sustainable production and sustainable business management are among the corporate principles of Schraubenwerk Zerbst GmbH. Products in the field of renewable energy and wind turbines are ideally suited to this philosophy and are a dynamically growing business segment for the company.

Tower construction:   HV sets up to M72 and stud sets up to M100

Offshore:   Screw fasteners joining wind turbines to the seabed foundation up to M100

Rotor blade:  Specially designed combinations of cross bolts and thermo bolts, from smaller rotor blades to rotor blades over 100m long for offshore wind turbines

Nacelle and components:  Standard screws, specially designed screws and bolts in strength categories 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9

Services and logistics: From warehousing to punctual delivery to building sites around the world.

Coatings: Galvanised and lamellar zinc coated fasteners can be supplied as standard. In addition, customers can order whatever type of coating they require.

more data:
  • Founded: 1919
  • Sales: € 82 million
  • Employees: 285