Cross-border projects are the only way forward to reach Europe's onshore and offshore wind targets. The first European wind farms were mainly financed by project developers, major banks and utilities through equity and large loans from bank consortia in the form of club deals. Export credit agencies, multinational funding organisations such as EIB, state owned banks, institutional investors and green bonds play a role in cross-boarder financing of wind farms. Get an update on how cross-boarder wind farm financing can be assured.

Details & program

  • Dr. Dorothee BaxmannSenior Project Manager,German Wind Energy Association
• Interdependencies in Business
• Funding Options and Linkage
• Applicable Law
• Why consider a cross-border PPA if you are a buyer or a seller?
• How does a cross-border PPA work?
• What commercial risks do you take with a cross-border PPA?