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Aim high with Hybrid Towers

The future of wind energy lies in the most powerful turbine generations. These loads with record-breaking hub heights require a stable, economical pillar: the Hybrid Tower Bögl.


The future of wind energy lies in the most powerful turbine generations. With increasing capacity, wind turbines are growing higher and higher. These loads with record-breaking hub heights require a pillar that combines stability, quality and economy: the Hybrid Tower Bögl.

With more than 2,000 hybrid towers erected, Max Bögl has developed a tower concept that is focused on the future market requirements. The combination of concrete elements and steel sections enables the economic realization of maximum hub heights while ensuring maximum stability for high-performance turbines.

In efficient serial production, the concrete elements are manufactured in two Max Bögl production plants at the Sengenthal headquarters and in Osterrönfeld. From there they are transported to the construction site quickly, safely and sustainably by standard trucks, train and ship. Experienced assembly teams erect the Hybrid Towers within shortest time and in highest quality thanks to dry joints using the Lego principle. The construction method of the Hybrid Tower enables an easy dismantling after the end of the turbines lifetime. The concrete elements can be easily dismantled on-site and prepared for recycling.

For international projects, a mobile factory is producing the concrete elements directly on-site all over the world. This mobile concept enables a worldwide economic production of the Hybrid Tower, using regional workers and local raw materials.

In addition, Max Bögl also acts as an experienced turnkey partner for all project processes - up to the turnkey construction of entire wind farms. Qualified employees provide advice and support with efficient concepts for all services - from the initial idea to the operation of the plants. The services include the operational management and direct marketing of regional green electricity.

Max Bögl Wind AG is a subsidiary of the Max Bögl Group, which is one of the top 10 in the German construction industry with over 6,500 specialized employees at 35 locations worldwide and an annual turnover of 1.7 billion euros.

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  • Founded: 1929
  • Sales: 1,7 Mrd. €
  • Employees: 6.500