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Quality and safety - made in Germany

SpanSet Axzion GmbH, a company within the SpanSet Group Germany with its own production facilities, specialises in load handling attachments for international on- and offshore wind power turbines.


The construction of ever more powerful and larger wind turbines increases the demands placed on grippers, cross beams, and heavy-duty round slings. Technical developments are required for secure slinging and lifting, which is what the SpanSet Group achieves in collaboration with testing institutes.

Internationally active, the SpanSet Group’s core business is centred on hoisting technology, load securing, fall protection systems and safety management. Our own production facilities and sales organisations in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Australia employ around 1000 people and our 22 companies based in 19 countries provide global customer services. The SpanSet Group Germany includes SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG in Übach-Palenberg, SpanSet secutex GmbH in Geilenkirchen, and SpanSet Axzion GmbH in Langenfeld. The Group holding company is based in Wollerau on the banks of Lake Zurich.

Our product range for the wind power industry reflects the product range of the entire corporate group and includes load suspension equipment produced by SpanSet Axzion GmbH, a machine and steel construction company, textile slings and load and height safety devices produced by SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG, and coatings and surface protection elements produced by SpanSet secutex GmbH. The coordinated product ranges produced by these three manufacturers can be readily combined for various applications before being deployed as a complete tested and certified operational system: this is one of the great benefits that SpanSet has to offer as a homogeneous group of companies. Our site in Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has been certified as a manufacturer of load handling equipment for offshore use by DNV (Norway).

Complete solutions from a single source

SpanSet Axzion has established a seven-point programme known as Quality Seven (Q7), with which the company monitors and optimises its own performance from product development, materials procurement, drives and control technology through to production, testing, documentation and service delivery. Over 80 percent of all products we deliver are bespoke modifications. One of our prime areas of focus is on special solutions for the transportation and assembly of wind turbines.

Upending Tool – all in hand
The "Upending Tool" for lifting and erecting monopiles is one of the products frequently used in this environment. With its six tongs, its three-arm grab can lift up to now 2500 tonnes. Whilst the tool’s basic construction always remains the same, Axzion makes project-specific adjustments according to the customer's specification.

Tower Tool Kit - perfectly matched
The "Tower Tool Kit" components for lifting and erecting steel towers, which include the Magnum-X heavy-duty round sling, the pulley with turning rollers, the tower attachment point Vario-TAP, and the new Vario J-Hook XL which can lift up to 120 tonnes, all form part of the SpanSet Group's portfolio.

Magnum-X - extremely robust and compact
The Magnum-X heavy-duty round sling, whose outstanding feature is its compact design, has a maximum load capacity of 500 tonnes . It is up to 50 percent narrower and lighter than conventional round slings thanks to a fibre core comprised of high-performance fibres and a compact hose cover, which reduces wrinkling at the load reversal point and ensures a long service life. This design principle has also opened up new areas of application. For example, the carrying pins on heavy machines are often designed for wire ropes and standard commercially available round slings are only partially suitable for use with them. The Magnum-X fits neatly into the contour of the support pins thanks to its slim design, which means they can be used together with turning rollers when lifting steel towers.
ClimaTech - PPE for the worst case scenario
SpanSet has designed ClimaTech especially for work on wind power plants and metrological masts. The chest and back-mounted fall arrest points mean that ClimaTech can be used both as a fall arrest harness and as a work positioning harness.

more data:
  • Founded: 1966
  • Sales: > 50 Mill. EUR
  • Employees: 340