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Experts for wind energy | Quality assurance for wind turbines

Recurring inspections | Rotor blade inspections with lightning protection measurement | Lifetime extension (BPW) | Commissioning and warranty inspections | Vibration analyses | Damage reports


As an expert office for wind turbines, we have been working for the transformation to renewable energies for more than 10 years. We use our experience and impartial expertise to ensure that each and every wind turbine is operated for as optimally and as long as possible.

Every year, we inspect about 800 WTGs of various manufacturers and power classes. Especially for inspections of Enercon WTGs, numerous operators trust in our expertise.

We are a member of the expert advisory board of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) and our quality management is ISO 9001 certified.

Expert reports

With our manufacturer-independent expert reports and our experience, you can keep track of the condition of your wind turbine or wind farm. These inspections form the basis for the longest possible fault-free operation and high plant availability.

We would be pleased to carry out the following tests for you:

  • Recurring inspections
  • Rotor blade inspections incl. lightning protection measurement by rope access technique
  • Lifetime extension reports
  • Commissioning inspections
  • Out of contract inspections (warranty)
  • Condition-oriented inspections
  • Vibration analyses (offline and online)
  • Damage reports
  • Technical due diligence
  • Further tests such as endoscopies, thermographies, oil and grease analyses

Quality assurance

We offer customized individual concepts for the quality assurance of WTGs. We accompany you throughout the entire life of your plant and monitor the WTGs 24/7 from an expert perspective. Our expert reports do not only consist of a snapshot, but also include all operating states of the WTGs in the evaluation in order to optimize the operation of the plant.

Lifetime extension

The continued operation of wind turbines beyond 20 years is a matter of concern to us. Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of providing our customers with the longest possible economic operating time for their WTGs. We carry out the lifetime extension inspection for WTGs and are available as contact persons for questions regarding the further operation of WTGs.

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