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Your energy systems are in good hands: our complete technical, commercial management and maintenance package ensures optimal yields and the best returns for wind energy and PV systems.


We provide the whole range of technical and commercial management services as well as wind and PV system maintenance. We have been optimising yields for our customers for around 25 years. We also have attractive offers for continued operations following 20 years of EEG subsidies.

Technical management
We provide support with legal, insurance and regulatory compliance requirements. Malfunctions are analysed and rectified immediately, and you receive comprehensive reports. You will also benefit from the personal support of a qualified technical customer advisor, who will assert your claims quickly and effectively. We fulfil all occupational health and safety requirements on your behalf using our AMS system (which is BG ETEM, OHSAS certified).

Build on our many years of experience in everything from recurring to condition-based inspections as well as maintenance and site care. We will take on the maintenance of all components according to manufacturer's specifications and will provide well-founded action recommendations. Fast and effective repairs complement our service offering to ensure maximum yields.

Commercial business management
We will manage your entire financial affairs, from commercial accounting and dunning to payment transaction processing. We can also manage your communications with your business partners. Build on our experience in budget and liquidity management: our services include shareholder meeting support, contract management and advice on legal and regulatory optimisation.

Remote monitoring from our control room
We guarantee the smooth flow of maintenance and repairs based on our professional 24/7 monitoring system, which enables us to optimise the technical availability of your systems and forms the basis for the best possible electricity yields.

Continued operation after 20 years
Together with our parent company, MVV Energie, we can offer you attractive conditions through our MVV20plus product.

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