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Your future-oriented partner for wind energy

Specialist in the technical and commercial management of wind farms as well as the inspection, technical evaluation and in the provision of comprehensive safety technology for wind turbine generators.


Energy consult has over 25 years of experience in the commercial and technical operation of wind farms. We now manage 140 wind farms and more than 750 wind turbine generators in Germany with a total installed capacity of 1.6 gigawatts.

Energy consult currently unites three companies that provide competent, reliable services for wind farm operators and investors:

Wind farm management

As a specialist in the technical and commercial management of wind farms, energy consult GmbH (wind farm management) takes control of the success of your wind power installations. We offer you a full-service concept, assume overall responsibility for your wind turbine generators and take the strain off you as the operator. We carry out ongoing potential analyses to make your wind farm more profitable, identify potential for optimisation and ensure that measures are implemented correctly.

Inspection company

Energy consult Prüfgesellschaft GmbH specialises in all technical tests, inspections, legally prescribed safety checks and grid protection tests for wind turbine generators. Our experts can detect possible damage at an early stage, prevent downtimes and increase system availability. This reduces the risk of exorbitant repair costs, loss of earnings and safety-related complaints.

MEB Safety Services

MEB Safety Services GmbH is not only specialist in the extensive safety technology required for your wind power installations but also expert in rope access technology. MEB tests and services fall protection PPE, hoists, cranes, service lifts and platform access systems. We carry out installation, maintenance and servicing work for fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems and obstruction lighting systems and also provide safety training on our own or the client's premises.

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